I Read This In The Paper This Morning

Last week and this week there was an article in my local paper about nylons. I know, viagra not exactly the thing I like to talk about, help but I thought this was interesting and wanted to share it with you. You must know by now that I live in Wilmington, Delaware, home of the DuPont Company, famous for so many breakthroughs. The article was about the first “test sell” in early 1940, when DuPont Co., asked the owner of a well known ladies shop in Wilmington, called Braunstein’s, to sell the first nylon stockings. Back in the 40′s DuPont Co. was more than the state’s largest most sought employer. It’s executives were heroes, the duPont family was royalty and people liked to say they worked “Uncle DuPont”. As the word spread that the DuPont wives wore and loved early test nylons, just knowing that made them must-haves for the state’s elite and aspiring. Before pantyhose, the first nylons were like leggings, but women wanted them anyway. When word got out that Braunstein’s woman’s shop was selling these nylons, David Braunstein said a frenzy started like he never saw, nor has he seen since. The women shoppers nearly crushed the staff and two had to be escorted of from behind the counter by two large men. Many of the woman that had just paid a $1. a pair, left the store to sit on the curb and put on their garter stockings. Can you imagine being that excited about nylons, go figure. The frenzy still had not peaked before WWII came along, and DuPont knew that all nylon would have to go to parachutes and other war needs. Mr. Braunstein called all manufaturers and all confirmed that this would be the last run for making woman’s hose. He talked to every stocking maker he knew and asked for all the hose he could get, and that was a lot, 9,000 pairs! He had to rent a warehouse to store them. Can you believe when production of the nylons stopped, woman actually drew lines on their legs to look as though they had them on. People pestered Mr. Braunstein at all hours for nylons. Soon New York visitors came, as he recalled. “This Mafia guy opens a suitcase and it is full of $100 bills”. He told him to keep the money and gave him a couple dozen pairs and he left, and never returned. Hard to believe, isn’t it! Tired of the annoyance of it all, he decided to give all those 9,000 pairs of nylons away and he offered war bonds with free stockings as a bonus. It didn’t take him long before he raised $900,000. Today that would be equal to over $12 million dollars. With the nylon stockpile gone, he and his family, were able to return to a life to normal again. So that’s the story of nylons and their beginnings. Aren’t we women crazy sometimes!? I hate nylons, give me a good self tanner anytime. lol
Happy day.

7 Responses to “I Read This In The Paper This Morning”

  1. Christine LeFever Says:

    Hells, bells, I don’t even care about being tan! I HATE nylons and panty hose and refuse them entirely. Yes, women are absurd when it comes to longing to be “in”. Oh well.


  2. Carole Says:

    I know.

  3. karen Says:

    Nylons, high heels, breast augmentation, botox, thongs, etc. How come we’re not good enough as is?

  4. Carole Says:

    We are.

  5. Nancy Says:

    Great story Carole!
    I tend to be a girly girl , so I can relate to how it must have felt
    to suddenly have to “do without “something that made you
    feel “pretty”. I don’t know what I’d do if they stopped making
    lipstick! EEEEK, lol. Heaven forbid!
    Oh and yep, I”m a fan of the self tanner too!

  6. Judy Says:

    What a great piece of history – thanks for sharing…No nylons here unless it is mandatory….when they just won’t let me wear my clod hoppers and wool socks! At the first sign of spring my sandals come out and (dear me) I have even been known to wear sandals and socks…..how is that for a vision!! Love reading your blog…Judy

  7. Carole Says:

    Judy, personally I like your style. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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