This Past Sunday

I got up early this past Sunday morning, remedy as I often do, ed to go looking for antiques. Early mornings are my favorite time of day. It would take me an hour to get to my destination, so I turned on my radio to listen to Marianne Williamson. Her voice is so soothing. She talks about the book, A Course In Miracles and listening to her really helps pass the time. I have seen these buildings often, but I enjoy they every time I see them. I love the way they look. All white. It’s their simplicity that catches my eye every time I pass them.
I had a good day antiquing. Sometimes I can drive all that distance, use ALL THAT GAS!, and not find anything.
That is NOT good, but today was a good day. I found these two little Amish church dolls for one of my customers. I knew she would love them. dollsamish.jpgAs I went from shop to shop, I found this little guy. He was just too hard to resist. My other old dolls welcomed him with open arms, as you can see. So, he stays. I love his little jeans and suspenders. amishdollnew1.jpgHe is not as old as my other dolls, probably around 1930′s or 40′s, I think. I was told by the dealer that he is called a lollipop Amish,amishface.jpg because of the shape of his head.
I have a few customers that collect the early tombstone breadboards, and I was fortunate to find a nice early one with old green paint still left on the sides. I’ll put it in my store in the next couple of days. So all and all, it was a good day. I got home in plenty of time to bake a cake for my honey, and make him a nice Sunday dinner. Life is good.
Happy day.

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