A Wonderful Surprise Came In The Mail Today


There is a very sweet person, tadalafil that did something, prostate that just blew my mind! A few months ago, I asked a very talented lady, if she could make me two little cats. I saw a sweet little early pincushion in an antique shop a while ago, and I just loved it. I asked her if she could copy it for me, and I would be happy to purchase 2 of them from her, if she could make them for me. She told me she was waiting for some old velvet fabric, and as soon as she got it, would I like her to use some for these little pincushions. It sounded perfect, and I was thrilled to know that she was going to make them for me.


Several months went by, and I had given up hope that I would ever get them. Apparently the project was more difficult then she had anticipated, and I told her I understood, and that was ok if she didn’t want to do it. Today, the mailman knocked at the door, and left this package at my doorstep. I couldn’t imagine what it could be. The box was one of those priority mail boxes for shoes, so I was really curious. Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found these 2 wonderful velvet cats!!


Look at those faces! She went to so much trouble to make them look old. She has deliberatly sewn them in such a way that they look as though they have come apart and mended. Can you see the different color thread? The bottom of their little paws are worn, as though they got that way from just moving them around. They have shoe button eyes. I can’t stop looking at them, and here is the real surprise, she will NOT tell me how much I owe her! She said, you have waited so long and have been so patient that they are my gift to you. What?! Are you kidding!? Hmm, what surprise can I put together for her? Oh, I’ll think of something. Have you guessed who this could be? Yup, it’s our dear tj from http://humbleorigins.blogspot.com/
Happy day.

4 Responses to “A Wonderful Surprise Came In The Mail Today”

  1. tj Says:

    …lol…That is the neatest thing in the world to me is to see them there and to know how much you love them – your kindness, your “never ending” patience in waiting for them to arrive and the joy that you feel for them is payment enough for me Carole!

    …I got a tickle seeing their lil’ faces here and I’m tickled to pieces that you love them so!

    …God bless you! :o )

  2. Chesapeake Bay Woman Says:

    The lady who made these is one very special, very talented, very creative and best of all very funny lady.

  3. Nancy Says:

    TJ is one very talented gal and such a sweetheart too! Those are just the cutest kitties! I wonder how could anyone stick a pin in tho??????????!!!!!!!!!

    Worth the wait for sure!

    Thanks for the show and tell Carole,

  4. Deena Warner Says:

    Tj is such a sweet talented lady.. I love her work!!
    you’re so lucky to have those two TOO sweet kitties!!
    hugs, Deena

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