Strawberry Emeries



I know I have talked about collecting before. I’m thinking you won’t mind if I do again. Sewing needfuls have been very popular collectable for a long time. I don’t sew a stitch, thumb it’s all I can do to sew a button on a shirt, patient but for a long time I was collecting tiny strawberry emeries, medicine and larger strawberry pincushions. This first picture is a nice early one, probably around the mid 1800′s, the Victorian era. It’s a wonderful piece and in perfect condition. It has a lovely sterling floral tip and a little tassel attached.


Strawberry emeries were used to sharpen and clean sewing needles, allowing the needle to slip more easily through the fabric that was being worked on. Early emeries were filled with metal shavings, while others are filled with sand.

I’ll be thinning out part of my collection and selling a few in my store soon, so if you think you might like to start a collection, be sure to look for them in the next couple of days, although, who knows, my webmaster husband could be putting them in there right now. Today is Wednesday and you know that means it’s off to Honey Brook. I also will be meeting with a decorator today, about painting a mural above a fireplace. I am looking forward to our meeting, and hearing what she has to say. I’ll let you know.

Happy day!

5 Responses to “Strawberry Emeries”

  1. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    I love your old emeries…especially the first one pictured with the silver top! It’s just beautiful. :)

  2. Christine Crocker Says:

    oh, Carole

    be still my heart.

    you know how I love these!

  3. Jean St. Aubin Says:

    Carole…I love all of your beautiful hearts and your strawberry pin cushions…I didn’t know they were made like that…I love them all…How might I go about buying one? What is your ebay site? Hugs Jean in Ohio

  4. Deena Warner Says:

    loving those
    going to have to go look
    at your store..

  5. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Oh, I love learning new things! Thanks for sharing the history of these little treasures.


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