The Weekend


Good morning. Thank you so much for visiting my blog this morning. It’s a rainy morning here in Wilmington De., illness but I like it. I don’t mind rainy days much, viagra as long as there aren’t too many in a row. I’m enjoying my morning coffee, buy cialis and I am ready to start another day. Over the weekend, my friend Christine Crocker sent me a photograph of a painting she purchased over 20 years ago, for $20. We are both taken with the similarity between her painting and mine, and guess what, her painting has a tear too!!

Missy had her last day of bowling for the year. She was having a great game, until the last few frames. There was the smell of pizza in the air, all of a sudden her bowling game was not taking top priority.


When she doesn’t get many pins knocked down, she always puts her hands in the air, as if to say, “oh well”.


Ah, at last, pizza and soda!! Yum.

Happy day!

4 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Pamela Overmier Says:

    Carole, I’m with Missy, the pizza makes hauling that ball around worthwhile! What pretty paintings. So bucolic! You have had a tough week with such highs and lows. Hugs, Pam

  2. Jeannene Says:

    How sweet, I would have lost concentration too…lol!! Your daughter is sweet. She has a lovely and Wonderful mother.

    I love how similar your paintings are! They are so soothing to look at, just takes you away to another place. Love it!

    Miss you too, Hope to keep in touch more dear one!

  3. Jean St. Aubin Says:

    Carole…I am wondering if you ever noticed Missy in the picture with her hands up in the air after bowling??? It looks as if she is holding up two bowling balls in the air…They are on the background above the alleys…It is such a neat picture…Looks like she is holding the weight of the bowling balls…Thanks for such a wonderful site…Hugs Jean in Ohio

  4. pijpdg Says:

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