I Love This 19th Century Painting


Last Sunday, sildenafil my friend, check Louise and I went antiquing. Louise bought a beauitful old house last Spring, generic and she wanted to see what she could find for it. What better place to go, then Adamstown! We saw so many wonderful antiques that would be perfect in her home. I was looking for some goodies for Carole’s Country Store.. I didn’t find very much, but I did find a wonderful old cutting board or breadboard. As I was walking around, looking in all the dealers booths, I found this old painting, sitting on the floor.


I love the scene. It’s so peaceful and it makes me feel so good just looking at it. It is not in perfect shape. You can see the tear above the cows, but it was $30! A 19th C. painting for $30.! Yay! Louise’s son is an artist. Last year he had an unfortunate accident with a painting he had just completed. He was getting ready for a show. On the way to the car, the wind blew it, and put a large rip through it. Did you know that you can repair an oil paiting with beeswax? I have never done it, but I think I might try. In the meantime, I am enjoying this painting just the way it is. Maybe I’ll ask Chris’s help.
Happy day.

9 Responses to “I Love This 19th Century Painting”

  1. Carole Says:

    What a peaceful setting. I think it has a biblical feeling. Did it have a signiture and date on it? You certainly got a good deal—-$30.00, even if it isn’t signed and dated. Carole, you do have a great eye for things. Good job.

  2. Carole Says:

    Hi Carole. No, the painting does not have a signature, but this morning I was reading that many old paintings do not and it doesn’t detract from the value. Yes, $30., I was excited about that, still am. I would have been happy to pay twice that! Carole, it’s great to hear from you. Come again, soon.

  3. karen Says:

    Great painting and such a bargain. I hope you’ll be able to repair it or have it repaired.
    It’s charming.

  4. Michele Says:

    I’ll take that beauty off your hands. :) Even without a repair, that is a fantastic painting and a steal at $30! Congratulations.


  5. Brenda Williams Says:

    I have a painting with a stream and trees also. It has a tear and I don’t mind that at all. They are great paintings. Although mine cost about twice as much, I love it as it is.

  6. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    What a wonderful find Car! And at a bargain price too! :)

  7. Christine Crocker Says:

    it’s really beautiful,Carole.
    I don’t mind the tear in mine at all…it does add to it’s history and I think, it doesn’t detract from it’s beauty at all.
    but then again,I love things to be imperfect, so I would have been drawn to it before a perfect painting.
    good for you to have such a lovely piece for a song.

  8. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    Beautiful pastoral painting! I’m sure it must have made your day!


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