My Dear Mother-In-Law Mildred Holt

My dear mother-in-law, treatment Mildred Holt, passed away Sunday evening. She was 89 years old, and suffered from that horrible disease known as Alzheimer’s. It took her memory away. She no longer knew her own children. My heart would break when I would see her. What could she have been going through? What did she feel inside? How could I help her? I couldn’t. It was difficult to understand. Now she is gone, and I will miss her, but I am thankful that she did not suffer in the end. On Friday we got a call that she was in her final days. Bill and I left the house right away to be with her. She was peaceful, her eyes closed. “it’s Billy, mom, it’s your son Billy”, my husband said. She didn’t respond. “Mom Holt, it’s Carole, Carole and Billy”, I said, and still no response. “Mom, remember Missy, I know you remember Missy”. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that Missy is my very special daughter. Her eyes opened wide, and she looked at me. I can’t tell how we felt at this moment. It was pure joy. Her eyes closed again. Her breathing was shallow. We wanted desperately to see her respond more. We kept talking to her, over and over again. We held her hand and gently touched her face. “mom, I came to see you. It’s Billy, your son, Billy”. She reached her hand to his face and simply said, “Billy”. The tears ran down our faces, not from sadness, but joy. I am convinced that at that moment, she knew her son was with her. She kept rubbing her face and eyes, as though she just wanted to snap out of it, but she couldn’t. We told her we loved her, and that she looked so beautiful. She did. Not a wrinkle on her face. Beautiful thick white hair. It must have taken every bit of strength she had left, to respond to us. After all these years of not being able to recognize us, it seems in the end, some how, some way, she did. She gave us a beautiful gift, one that we will always remember. Now she is gone and we will miss her, but we thank God that she is at peace, finally. She will be buried on Valentine’s Day.

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