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Don’t Forget To Set Your Clocks Back One Hour

Sunday, November 4th, 2007


Because we set our clocks back this weekend, sick I thought you might like seeing some beautiful antique clock faces.





I Wanted To Share This With You

Friday, November 2nd, 2007




Yesterday I went to an antique shop down the street. I haven’t gone there for a long time. I don’t usually find anything that I want to buy, cialis sale but today was different. As soon as I walked in the door, generic I was drawn to a pile of fabric in a basket on the floor. I began going through it, not really knowing what I was looking for. Something caught my eye and I began pulling at it. As I pulled it out from the basket, I realized it was a sweet little baby dress. I looked for more and found several. I asked the dealer how much she wanted for them, and she began to tell me a little about them. Last week, she said, an elderly lady, 89 years old, came into my store, along with her daughter. She said she was moving into assisted living and had some belongings she wanted to sell. She had a baby book and lots of little dresses”. Susan, the shop owner, proceeded to tell me that the elderly woman’s sister, Dorothy Rugg, had a baby in 1926, and that he was not a well child, and that this beautiful child passed away before his 4th birthday. The little boy’s name was Robert Cooley Rugg. They called him Bobby, and this is his picture with his brother, Allen Dickenson Rugg. Aren’t they beautiful children? Bobby is the youngest on the left.



She reached under the counter and pulled out a little baby book. “This little book was purchased with all the little dresses”, she said. In the baby book his mother, Dorothy, wrote his birth weight, 9 lbs., and 21 1/2 inches long. Congratulation cards of his birth are there. Easter cards, birthday cards, but most touching was a tracing of Bobby’s hand. I could not stop looking at it. I could just imagine his mother tracing it onto the paper. Then there was a small envelope. It didn’t feel like there was anything in it, but when I opened it and looked inside, I found a lock of his blond curley hair! It gave me such a strange feeling, I can’t explain it. I became very emotional. On the next page, Dorothy writes of his first step, and his first word, but always mentions his illlness and the pain he suffers. I can’t seem to stop thinking of this child today. I have 11 of his baby dresses. They are all clean and smell of lavender and vanilla, combined with the sweet smell of clean fresh air. I will be keeping one of two for myself, and the others, I will be offering on my “country store”. Along with each dress, I will include a copy of a letter written by his mother to his doctor.