What Do You Think of Brussel Sprouts?


Do you like brussel sprouts? I love them, treat but they have to be fresh, not frozen. Yesterday I was watching Paula Deene and she was roasting some. She poured a little olive oil all over them, and sprinkled them with some fresh ground pepper and salt, and roasted them on a cookie tray on a high heat, around 400 degrees, as I remember. Oh, they looked so yummy. I was planning on having some for my Thanksgiving Day dinner, and today, when I was in the supermarket, I found these. Have you ever seen how brussel sprouts grow? Look at these! Arent’ they incredible?! When I took them out of the frig tonight, to prepare some for dinner, I thought how wonderful they are, so I grabbed my camera, and took this picture for you. Ok, call me crazy for taking a picture of brussel sprouts. Time to get the pj’s on and get ready to watch Dancing With the Stars. Love that show.

6 Responses to “What Do You Think of Brussel Sprouts?”

  1. Christine LeFever Says:

    I love Brussels Sprouts, my dear. And we have grown our own from time-to-time. Thank you for reminding me of them! I buy them at Costco in bags,so I don’t get to see them on the stalk so much anymore.

    Eat heartily tomorrow!


  2. Christe' Says:

    dearest Carole,

    We love them!
    There’s a large bag of these lucious treasures in my fridge, all cleaned & trimmed, ready for our dinner tomorrow.
    We often roast ours just in the way you described…but in the late summer, picked fresh from our garden, steamed briefly and lots of fresh lemon squeezed over the top…perfect.
    Bless your day tomorrow,

    by the way…a lovely still life of brussels sprouts.

  3. Miss Maddie's Says:

    I’m a few days behind but I must ask whom are you wishing wins Dancing With The Stars? I think it’s become more of a popularity contest than a dance contest.
    We’ll have to wait and see! Hoping you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Stacey mead Says:

    I am so far behing on all my blog visits, I’m afraid. My apologies! My partner in crime, Tim, grows them in the garden every year. His Native American friend shared with him that they could be picked and eaten after the frost and early snows. In fact they are sweeter! We have such fun traipsing out after a snow and picking off what we need for dinner~ yum! We are enjoying some this weekend! I do love the photo~


  5. Joan Says:

    I have never seen how brussell sprouts grow…thanks for the interesting photo.
    I am enjoying so much all the little tidbits and photos you include in your blog.
    What a treasure it is!


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