A Day With My Girlfriends


Yesterday I had my best girlfriends over for lunch. I wish I had gotten better photos of everyone. I should have told them to look at the camera, diagnosis but it’s always nice to get candid shots, but lets face it, we all look so much better when we know we are being photographed. There on the sofa, is Denise, who has a wonderful house full of fabulous collections. If there is anything you need to know about old houses, just ask Denise. Next to her is Carole O’Neill, my partner in the mural business, best friend for over 45 years, and the artist that does the wonderful paintings in my store. Next to her is Diane, also a very talented. Her home has been in several magazines, and both her house, and Denise’s house, has been on the TV show, Homes Across America. Sitting across from her is Arlene, who makes wonderful quilts, and last, but certainly not least, is Louise. Louise makes the most gorgeous hooked rugs. She used to make beautiful Santas to, with hand sculpted faces, she is so talented, she can make just about anything. I am so lucky to have so many talented friends, and when we get together we have the best time. Of course, the favorite topic is antiquing and decorating.


It’s funny, but when I look at this picture, it looks like there isn’t any food on the table! I swear, I did feed them!! Homemade New England clam chowder, with crusty bread. Field greens, tomaotes, slices of apple, candied walnuts and cranberries, with chunks of creamy goat cheese, with olive oil and vineger. Lots of good wine, and for desert, homemade apple pie and a four layer, whipped cream chocolate torte. It was great having all of them in my home, enjoying one another’s company, good conversation and lots of laughter. Life goes by so quickly, don’t forget to l take time out of your busy schedule too. Plan a great day with your girlfriends. It’s fun and I promise you, you will be so glad you did. Happy day!

9 Responses to “A Day With My Girlfriends”

  1. Nancy Says:

    I’m so jealous Carole! Wish I could have joined in!
    Great advice too. I need to get together with my girlfriends no matter how busy I am, & soon! You”re invited too ;-)
    Now I’m hungry. What a spread and ambience! Yum.
    Hugs, Nan

  2. karen Says:

    Wow! Where do you live? All these creative women in one place? How lucky to have a gathering like that.

  3. Carole Says:

    Nancy, i wish you could have been there too! You would have fit right in.

    hi Karen. I live in Delaware, but my friends live in PA. Yes, I am so lucky to have these friends. It’s wonderful to have so much in common.

  4. Christe' Says:

    dear Carole,

    what a lovely friend you are to treat your dear friends with such a lovely afternoon together.
    They are indeed lucky girls!
    How wonderful that all of you are not only old friends but that each one of you are quite creative and accomplished women. How I would have loved to have been there with you.
    I would love to see more of your home, You have some wonderful collections and that mantle and you know how I love your dining room murals…oh my…

    thank you for sharing your day…
    and do you have recipes that you can share?

  5. Christine LeFever Says:


    Your friends are amazing and so are you! What a delightful post! My mouth is watering. Of course, your home is beautiful. Well done, my dear!


  6. tj Says:

    …Hello Carole, what wonderful and talented friends to share a great day with! It sounds like you girls had fun and your lunch sounded delish’!
    …And your home in the background is simply beautiful! Please say you’ll feature more of your home here soon… ;o)
    …Thank you for sharing your special time with us!
    …Blessings… :o )

  7. Carole Says:

    Christe’, Christine and TJ. You are all so nice to comment today about my house, and my friends. I would be happy to share more photos, and thank you for asking.

  8. Carole Says:

    Christe’, Christine and TJ. Thank you for the nice comments about my house, and my friends. I would be happy to share more photos of my house and collectionsl Thank you for asking.

  9. Miss Maddie's Says:

    Dear Carole, your home is beautiful.It looks filled with warmth and friends.There is no doubt there was once food on the table but with a menu like that by the time you took the pic it had all been eaten! Susan

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