1947 Embroidered Picture



I have had this pictured in my possession for many years. It was made by my mother’s sister, malady Aunt Virginia, in 1947. It is so pretty, filled with french knots and sequins.


I am emotionally attached to it, but it is not something that I don’t display in my home, only because it doesn’t fit in with my style. I hate to have it in a drawer, which is where is has been, but what good is that. Someone that loves it, should be able to enjoy it, don’t you think? I am wondering if I should put it in my store, but it will be hard for me to do. Have you ever had something that you inherited, and it’s sentimental but not you taste? I have several, beautiful antique plates and bowls, really lovely ones, that I should sell, and I am working up the courage to part with them. It’s not easy. Well, I have some errands to run now, but I am going to write again later to tell you about my day trip antiquing with a friend. Until then, Happy day!

13 Responses to “1947 Embroidered Picture”

  1. Jeannene Says:

    “Dear Lovely Carole,

    What a very sweet treasure you have here….you should really re~post this next Friday for “Show & Tell” Fridays. You have to do this every Friday with me Carole, it is really fun, and gives you something to talk about and show. You sign up through a “Mr. Linky” at Kelli Web~site and others come and find you through there.

    I would love to post this on my blog and tell others to come back here to your blog, this is such an amazing picture your Aunt made!!” I just love the dresses on those ladies..very classy Carole!! How very sweet, thank you for sharing!!
    xo Jeannene

  2. tj Says:

    …I just love it when you go shopping! It’s always exciting to click on “Carole went shopping again!” lol… ;o)

    …And yes, I can relate to this post. I too have items that are sentimental but just don’t fit in with my decor but I keep them in a safe place where I can access them easily when I want to revisit them. That embroidery is beautiful! What a cherished heirloom…

    …Blessings… :o )

  3. Carole Says:

    Jeannene, you could certainly post this on your blog any time. So happy to have you visit, you are always so sweeet. thank you.

  4. Christine LeFever Says:


    It is so pretty and to think that your very own aunt created it. Perhaps you could donate it to a museum somewhere that might honor her memory as a local of wherever she lived. In any event, if you do plan to sell it, you will very likely find a happy owner.

    Happy antiquing!

    Good luck and the best!

  5. Carole Says:

    What a unique idea, Christine. I never thought of doing something like that. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to part with it though, in fact, after I wrote about it, I decided to hang it in my guest bedroom.
    Take care.

  6. Pear Tree Primitives Says:

    It is such a beautiful family treasure. So glad you found a spot for it in your home.


  7. Jeannene Says:

    Sweet Friend of mine, come take a look at my tribute to your lovely “family heirloom!” I really hope you keep this up for Show & Tell Friday, this Friday! Have a wonderful day, friend!!
    xo Jeannene

  8. Mica Says:

    yes I will agree the piece is quite breathtaking. What a lovely heirloom indeed. I will surely come back to see you again. Blessings, Mica /Garb-oodles Soup

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