1920′s Children’s Clothes

Good morning everyone. It’s just a glorious day today! The air is crisp, viagra and the air smells clean and fresh. Tomorrow I am going antiquing out in New Holland, view PA. I will be gone all day. Hope I have lots to tell you. I’ll be sure to bring my camera.


Today I wanted to show you some of the baby clothes I wrote about a couple of days ago. I hope to have them in my store soon, but there are quite a few, and I don’t want my store to look like a clothing store, so I will be putting a couple at a time. If you are interested in purchasing any, just email me and I can send you some photos, and some prices. This first photo is of something that I think is very special. It’s a very young child’s silk kamono. It even has it little sash, after all these years and is in excellent condition.


This next photo is a little girl’s bonnet. This belonged to Bobby’s sister. She is the 89 year old woman I mentioned, the one brought these little treasures to the antique shop. This bonnet is gorgeous! This picture shows it hanging by the little tie that goes under the chin. I think it’s made of silk, lots of gathering and lace.



The rest our some of the little dresses that will be for sale in my store. There are more, and if you are interested in seeing them, just email me at caroleholt@comcast.net. I can send pictures and prices. I love the simplicity of these clothes and many have tiny mother of pearl buttons. Happy day!




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