It Was Almost A Disaster!



While I was writing in my blog this morning, find my husband came in from the yard. I could hear the panic in his voice. “we almost had a disaster”, cialis he said. “What happened?!”, I said. Turns out, yesterday, he was draining some water out of our pool. All the rain we have had for the last couple of days, filed it to capacity, and it was ready to overflow. He had forgotten to turn off the valve, and overnight the timer turned it back on, and it bagan draining the pool again. Someone must have been watching over us, because it is a miracle that all that water didn’t drain out. There is only about a foot left. If it had all drained, the pool would have popped up out of the ground!!! My heart pounds just thinking about it. We really dodged a bullet, that’s for sure!!!!

3 Responses to “It Was Almost A Disaster!”

  1. Louise Says:

    Hi Car, What a scare!!! I’m so glad Bill found it when he did.
    Your pool does look beautiful!

  2. Carole Says:

    Hi Weezie. nice to hear from you. thanks!

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