More of James Cramer’s Booth

Good morning. I know there are many of you out there that enjoy Jimie Cramer and Seven Gates Farm. I have more photos from that day and I wanted to share the rest of them with you today. Christe’, ampoule now you can see the rest of the shelf.






4 Responses to “More of James Cramer’s Booth”

  1. frenchgardenhouse Says:

    I love this space! But then what is not to love, so very pretty. I still take out my copy of Seven Gates Farm all the time to be “refreshed” through the pages of beauty.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Carole Says:

    hello Lidy!! i am so glad you came back and got to see the rest of Jimmie’s booth. i am thinking i should start selling these kinds of things in my store. i do have and early rather simple cotton Christening dress that i have been thinking about selling. i have owned it for well over 25 years. Keep you eye out, i will probably be putting it on my website store before the end of the weekend, if not then, for sure the next week. yours look lovely, by the way. these little dresses are such a beautiful thing to collect. happy day.

  3. Miss Maddie's Says:

    Carole, I just love the white with the yellow ochre colors.Jimmie has always had a flair for the divine.
    If you’re looking for infant dresses (christening gowns) email me.I sold the last in my collection last week to a lovely lady in California, but I was able to find some more at an estate I appraised just this past weekend.They are Edwardian in age and just beautiful! Susan

  4. lana Says:

    HI CARole! You know how I love those colors… white, ivory, cream, etc. How lucky you are to see all these wonderful things ~ thank you for sharing them with us.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your time spent with your Mom. Those are certainly precious memories in the making…

    Take Care & God Bless,

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