Day Trip to Beaver Valley Antique Mall


Yesterday, ed my friend and I drove to Hagerstown, MD., to the Beaver Valley Antique Mall. We left Kennet Square, Pa. at 9:30 a.m. I drove my old jeep, Nellie, and my friend, Denise was the navigator. I expected to reach our destination in a couple of hours. I have to tell you that I am not much of a traveler outside of Chester and Lancaster counties, so when I started seeing signs that read, Gettysburg, I got the feeling that we were taking the round about way to MD., in fact, I was sure of it. Before long it was obvious to me, that we were on a day trip, and we were definetly taking the long way to MD.! Ha! I have not been to Gettysburg since I went with my parents, as a child. The town of Gettysburg is so charming!! Beautiful old homes, and wonderful little shops. It would be so fun to live there. As we continued on, we passed several abanoned old houses, just waiting to be bought, rehabed and loved once again. I wish I could have stopped, to get a better look. After four hours of driving, we finally arrived in Hagerstown, MD., and I have no idea how we got there! Denise is great with a map, and we had no trouble finding the Beaver Valley Antique Mall. When we went inside, we decided to seperate, and meet up later. I enjoy antiquing this way, when I am with friends. I enjoy looking at my leisure and looking at the things that I am interested in. Sorry to say that after all that driving, neither one of us found anything that we just had to have. I bought one sweet little tin pail for my store, but that’s it. Denise bought three old wooden bowls that she is going to paint and put on her shelves in her kitchen. We had lunch, and headed for home. I did bring my camera, and took some photos for you to enjoy.

I love ALL three of these chairs, especially the middle one.


This is James Cramer’s booth. Are you familiar with the beautiful book put out by Country Living years ago, called Seven Gates Farm, well, this is his booth.


I loved the colors of this coverlet. Sorry that I didn’t get a better photo, I know this one is blurry, but love the brown!

That’s it for now. See you in a couple of days.
Happy day!

2 Responses to “Day Trip to Beaver Valley Antique Mall”

  1. Christe' Says:

    oh Carole, what I would have given to ride along in Nellie-love it- with you & Denise! what a gorgeous old blue bird cage and the coverlet,oh my…I would have picked the very same chair & would have loved to have seen Jimmie Cramer’s booth…I see lots of wonderful things there!
    Wish Icould see what’s on the little white shelf to the far right…
    I’m glad that you had such a wonderful day in Gettysburg, it is beautiful there and the air is just heavy with history and ghosts.
    thank you for sharing your day.

  2. Karen Poduska Says:

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