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For those of you that create and sell your art, viagra you know how meaningful it is to get good customer feedback. Last evening I received an email from a man named Hal. A couple of weeks ago, hospital Hal ordered my DVD, ailment Early America. As I read his email to my husband, tears filled my eyes and I was overcome with emotion. I wanted to share his story with you. Oh, they were not tears of sadness, it’s just that it touched me so. There is a portion in my dvd, where actor Jeff Daniels, recites Lincoln’s Gettysburg address. Hal, went on to tell me, that a year ago, his beloved father passed away on their shared birthdays. When viewing the dvd, this portion reminded him of when he was a child. Because his father had such a love of God, and country, well, let me quote him. “I was overcome with emotion, and transformed back to that Sunday morning, remembering that while I recited Lincoln’s four score and seven years ago, for my dad, I noticed a tear in his eye, and was reminded of the deep love and respect he had for his country…America, his wisdom, strength, determination, passion and unconditional love, the legacy he left our mom,his children and family and many many friends”. Hal went on to say that, “sparking a moment or memory into someone’s life is the best gift that one can hope for”. He went on to thank me for lighting that memory.
I hope you don’t mind my telling this. I only share it, because I thought it was so beautiful. It certainly made the work involved in this DVD, so worth while. If you have a story to share, please let me hear from you.
Happy day!

9 Responses to “Customer Feedback”

  1. steph stargell Says:

    Oh CAR,
    What a wonderful story. It is a tribute to you and all the many moments you have spent capturing our history through your lens. Thank you for sharing his comments. What a blessing to give him such a gift.

  2. Stacey Says:


    How beautiful! I loved Jeff Daniels in “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals”. He is not just reading it~ he lived it through his work. Your DVD is on my wish list.. even more so now!

  3. Nancy Says:

    To know that you touched someone so profoundly with your art!
    Thanks for sharing his very moving letter with us Carole!

  4. Carole Says:

    It’s so nice to hear from you, Steph, Stacey and Nancy. I love knowing that you visit my blog. please visit often, i enjoy writing in my blog very much and it’s so nice to know that it is being read.
    Happy day.

  5. Jeannene Says:

    you are a light in the world, and this video is evident of this. Your talent brings joy to so many of us, and your heart is so full of love, not only for God, art and this Country, but your friends as well. I feel this every time you post, and every time you leave me comments. “You are a treasured blessing…as your video as well!!”


  6. Carole Says:

    Jeannene, i am so touched by your comment today. You certainly warmed my heart. I love my blog and my website. My husband is a big help to me. We are touched by the comments from so many. Thank you for yours.

  7. kim Says:

    Carole – what a touching story. I love your blog..your stories and your pictures make my heart smile.

  8. Carole Says:

    Thank you Kim. I was very nice to hear from you.

  9. Jeannene Says:

    I posted something, and it really reminds me so much of you…”I am dedicating my post to you!!” Come by and take a look.

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