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Silhouette Portraits

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Please don’t forget the auction Sept. 16-22 for Ava Grace. To read more about her and the auction, rx that will help her get the help she needs, salve here is her link


Just recently I have grown to love silhouettes. I saw this reproduction one in an antique shop. I just loved it, salve and bought one for me, and one for Carole’s Country Store. It’s beautifully done, looks so old. It comes with a litte wire stand, so you can set it on your desk or table.



Before photography was invented, our ancestors had portraits of themselves taken sideways. They were known as silhouette portraits. These portraits were cut out of thin black paper and stuck on a white card. Men were seen in the streets of Boston and other large cities, who for a penny, would cut a silhouette portrait of anyone who would be willing to stand for the time it took to make it. Depending on the artistic ability, these portraits would be great likenesses, or poor ones. In still earlier days, they were done differently, where the person who wanted to silhouette made of their likeness, sat before a screen with a light nearby, on the other side of them. This would create a clear shadow on the screen. The outline would be traced on the screen, and from this would be transfered mechanically, on a small scale, to a sheet of black paper, cut out and mounted on a card. This one is extremely unusual. Before I found this one, i thought all silhouettes were only done in black, actually most of them are and that’s what makes this one so special. The detailing is amazing, and I love the colored flowers and the tie around her bonnet.



If you would like to learn more, here is an interesting link about silhouette artists. As always, thanks so much for stopping by. Please don’t leave without a comment. I love hearing from you. Take care.

A Rustic Pie and Birds

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

First and foremost, rx please don’t forget little Ava. For more info, here and how you can contribute to the auction, being held Sept. 16-22, contact


No, the birds are not in my pie!


The past few days have been very rainy and I love it, and it’s starting to feel like Fall. Can you feel it in the air? I know we have more hot days ahead, after all it is still August, but today was one of those days that put me in the mood for cooking and baking. I only had three juicy peaches, not enough for a large pie. Actually, I didn’t have much flour either, when I took a look, so I baked, what I call, a rustic peach pie. By the way, that knife and fork is from the early 1800′s. No, I don’t eat with them, but I thought they looked really good for the photo. The knife is made of bone and the fork handle is treen with a little brass ring. I think they are so cool, don’t you? I have them for sale in my store, but I think I am going to keep them. I am putting mahi mahi on the grill. I had tons of plum tomatoes from the garden, so I made some chunky red sauce to go with the fish. I am also going to put my corn on the grill. Have you ever done that? Oh, it is delicious, try it if you haven’t. While everything was cooking, I grabbed my tripod and camera and thought i would try to get some pictures of the noisy little wrens that have been living in my birdhouse, right outside my kitchen window. Can you make out this picture? This little baby is tilting his head sideways, looking at me.


They were REALLY making noice. I don’t think they liked me sitting there watching them. I finally did manage to get some photos. I hope you enjoy them. Happy day.



Today is Thursday, the 223rd, and I wanted to tell you that the little wrens have taken flight. It’s much quieter now, but they sure did leave a mess behind. Lots of bird poop on my railing and wicker setee. Must have been a stressful day! Haha. I’m off to get the hose. Happy day.

Ava’s Auction September 16-22

Thursday, August 16th, 2007

As you might know, ed I love to photograph things that I love, sick and I hope you will love my note cards. I wanted to show you what I will be offering for Ava’s auction on Sept. 16-22nd. For more information about this auction or if you have something you would like to donate to this auction, please contact Blondie Spence. There are 2 different sets of note cards and envelopes. Each set will have six different pictures of antique dolls and old textiles, each tied with a pretty ribbon. Shipping is included. For more information, please go to this link.




I hope you will all come to the auction, and bid as high as you can, so that we have a very successful auction for this special little child. Thanks so much for your support, and, please, don’t forget to tell friends and family about this very worthy event. Happy day.

A Very Special Little Girl Needs Some Help

Saturday, August 11th, 2007



There is a very special little girl, sovaldi Ava, treat that needs some angels out there to help her. You see, Ava, was born with a rare genetic disorder called Pfeiffer Syndrome, and she needs some operations. A group of artisans are getting together and donating their art for an auction being held Sept. 16th thru the 22nd, to help her family with expenses. If you or, anyone you know, would like to help her by donating a piece of your art, or a donation, please get in touch with Blondie Spence at by clicking on the name Ava. This little one will tug at your heartstrings, she’s a very special little girl. So let’s get together and help this family get what they need for this child, and please, tell everyone you know so we can make this a big success. Thank you.

Nice Matters

Saturday, August 11th, 2007


Nancy from Atticbabies and Jeannene from Love Conquers All nominated me for this award. What could be nicer than to have someone tell you that they think you are nice! Thank you both very very much. Nancy and Jeannine are two of the sweetest girls, store and not because they gave me this award, case but because they just are. So right back at ya girls. There are so many of you that i have met through my blog, sales that i could nominate for this award but, I really cannot name only 7, and i don’t want to leave anyone out, so let me just say this, I hear from so many sweet girls on my blog, and I thank ALL of you for each and every kind thing that you have said, i have always appreciated that you have taken the time to stop by my blog and leave such nice comments. You know who you are, and so, i would like to send this award to all of you, because NICE DOES MATTER, and you have ALL proved it. Happy day!

Summer Tomatoes, One of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Ah, cialis summer tomatoes. They’re starting to come in fast and furious!


19th Century Chalkware

Monday, August 6th, 2007

19th Century chalkware was made from plaster of paris. it was molded from Stafforshire porcelain and other models and sold as inexpensive decorative pieces. Today chalkware is highly prized my collectors. I love it but I don’t own any. I do look for it when I am out but it is very expensive. One piece could sell for over $1, view 000. Here are some pictures of some wonderful pieces. I love this rabbit!



The colors in this coverlet are so pretty and different. Most coverlets i see are cream, navy and red. I love this one, and the date is a real plus. If you would like to learn more about these coverlets, and see more, just let me know, and even if you don’t, i might just tell you anyway! LOL-Happy day everyone.