A Day Out With My Girlfriends



It seems there has been a rumor going around that Gregg Schooner is not doing shows anymore. Well, site here he is with me at a show yesterday at Ludwig’s Corner. I love his redware and have a fairly large collection in my living room cupboard, cialis so I am happy to report that he is alive and well and still making his pottery, malady with his wife, Mary, at his home in Ohio. Not only does he make the most wonderful and very collectable redware, but he is just the nicest person to talk to. Great to talk to you Gregg!


Another very talented artist that was at the show that day, was Kolene Spicher I have for quite a while now admired her work. Although I do not own a piece of her art yet, I hope to one day. Her 19th century watercolor reproduction paintings and prints are charming. Kolene, like Gregg, is a very friendly person and easy to talk to. Nice talking with you, Kolene!
After the show, we went back to my friend Louise’s house, to have some lunch. What a fun time we had. It’s always fun getting together with girlfriends, isn’t it. We are always talking about decorating and giving one another ideas. It’s wonderful to have friends that share the same interests, don’t you think? We are not only interested in decorating, but we are PASSIONATE ABOUT IT!! I should have taken more photos of Louise’s house, but we all were just to busy cabitzing. I did take this one though. It was taken looking out of her breakfast room. Her barn is just wonderful, and with that stone wall, well, need I say more? What a property, it’s just gorgeous. She has only lived there for 3 months. She’s a lucky girl!


6 Responses to “A Day Out With My Girlfriends”

  1. Pam Says:

    Ooooooooooooo What a day!!! LUCKY YOU!!!! WHat fun!!! I need an antiquing fix……… Pam

  2. Louise Says:

    Hi Carole,
    I’m honored to be a part of your blog today.
    I had a great time at the show and having you over for lunch.
    The picture you took outside my barn is beautiful.
    I treasure our friendship!

  3. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    It sounds like you and Louise had a wonderful day together, and thank you for clearing up that bad rumor about Gregg! I wonder who started that one??

  4. Lana Says:

    Hi CARole!

    I’m so glad you and Louise had a great day out. Isn’t her new home just beautiful? I’ll have to ask her to send me more pictures…. and see how she’s coming along with her decorating.


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