One Of My Favorite Things To Do-Painting Murals Inspired By Rufus Porter




There are three favorites things that I love to do, drugstore decorating in early 18th and 19th century style, antiquing and painting murals inspired by Rufus Porter. Rufus was an itinerent painter, a renaissance man, but remembered today for his beautiful murals, originals selling in the hundreds of thousand of dollars and are found on the walls of historic New England homes. A couple of summers ago, I was invited by a relative of one of my clients, to visit New Hampshire. My partner, and I had just finished painting a mural in the center hall and dining room, in a lovely home in Media, Pa. When the murals were complete, they had a big party, in celebration of their new home. One of their guests remarked that the murals reminded him of the ones painted in his brother’s house in New Hampshire. He went on to explain that his sister lives in a home built around 1830 and that it still had original RP murals on several of the walls of their home. He told his sister about the murals that we had painted and a couple weeks later, I got a phone call inviting us to come up for a visit to see them. We were SO EXCITED and just couldn’t wait to go!! Next week I will tell you more about that visit and show you photos of those original murals. In the meantime I hope you enjoy seeing these photos of a mural my partner and I painted for a client in Chester County, Pa.


5 Responses to “One Of My Favorite Things To Do-Painting Murals Inspired By Rufus Porter”

  1. Sylvia Anderson Says:

    Lovely mural’s Car…..I always enjoy seeing photo’s of your work! Thank you too, for the history on RP too. How wonderful it must be for your customers to wake up each morning and gaze upon your murals! I’d love to have one painted in my home. :)

  2. Nancy Says:

    Amazingly Beautiful work Carole! I’m sure yours will be cherished for centuries to come too! I look forward to seeing the pics of the 1830 home you visited!
    I did receive your tag (naughty). I’ll try to get around to it later today! ;-)
    Right now I’ve got to see if you have any new items in your store! Nan

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  4. Rosemary Watson Says:

    Thank god for Pinterest. We can call connect! Just love these murals too. Am presently moving from my beautiful 1756 Tavern hone in Morris County NJ to Audubon area PA. New house is 1750′s and 1800 Stone House. I have painted many floor cloths and once an employee painted some Rufus Porter types for me. Now would love to do some ship scenes in PA. Or some historic stencils. Just loved your pictures!

  5. Leanne Adams Says:

    I love this look. Do you do this as a business? I would love to have some of my walls painted with murals

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