My Day In Honey Brook, Pa.



Well I guess you are wondering what these photos have to do with my day in Honey Brook. Remember I mentioned a couple of weeks ago we are rehabing my parents house in Honey Brook, buy viagra Pa.? Bill and I were on our way up there, no rx we usually go twice a week. On the way, we pass an antique shop on rt. 322 West, it’s called The Iron Gate. It’s a coop, and there is one dealer that usually has something that temps me. Today she had this bowl. It’s called a trencher it measures approximetly 25 in. length, so it’s a nice big size. It does, however, have a crack that runs through it and one end has a piece of tin nailed on to give stability. The bowl is actually very sturdy, and I love the tin patch, it really gives this bowl tons of charater, don’t you think? Now, here is my dilemma. I am thinking of buying it to sell in my country store, BUT I don’t know how my customers would feel about the crack. It doesn’t bother me because it does not take away from the strength of the bowl, and the tin patch adds so much character to the bowl. I think it’s just wonderful, and if I had a spot in my house to put it, I would buy it and keep it in a heart beat, but I already have two large bowls, so there definetly is no room for another. I love it! I want it! What should I do? Would you be interested in buying it, even though it has such a long crack? Tomorrow I am going back to Honey Brook to work on the house again. I’ll be passing by the shop and I know I will be thinking of that wonderful bowl! Please visit my site- for lots of photos of antiques and a country store.

6 Responses to “My Day In Honey Brook, Pa.”

  1. Judy Says:

    I am a “rescuer”…..I buy the baskets held together with string and wire….the chairs with mismatched rongs…the agate with the washer and the screw to plug the hole….I buy the pieces that were not thrown away but kept for one more “useful” purpose…..there is lots of life left in that old trencher…and if you don’t buy it I will be at The Rusty Gate getting it myself…..(big smile)!! True “make-do’s”….isn’t that what this is all about…we who love the old everyday items of long ago….I would bet it will sell quickly.

  2. Carole Says:

    Well, Judy, now you’ve got me thinking. Did you ever see something you really like and pass it up and then wonder why? I don’t need it but should have bought it anyway! Loved your post. Thanks.

  3. Jane Smith Says:

    Your writing and picture brought back such fond memories of my life in Lancaster County. Sometimes I wish I were still there.
    I lived in Ephrata and had a studio at Donecker’s Artworks after having had a shop in Lancaster city and Lititz.
    Must get back there before it’s time to leave planet earth. Especially Lititz. I sold my shop there to Calkins Country Crafts and I believe she is still in business.
    Oh the big craft shows there! Wonderful.
    You are truly an inspiration Carole.

  4. Carole Says:

    Jane, My mother, bless her heart, sold to shops in Lititz. It’s a familiar name but I don’t think I have ever gone there. If you ever decide to go, maybe we could meet up somewhere.

  5. Carole Says:

    Judy, I bought the makedo bowl and lots of other goodies for my “country store”. Stop by when you have some free time to browse.

  6. Judy Says:

    Hi Carole….I love the trencher….and it looks so perfect with the rag balls in it…Great Find! I have made the mistake of not buying when I see it WWWWAAAAYYYYY too many times in the past…now I just dig deeper into my pockets and BUY it! Good old items are getting harder to find and I am happy you went back and bought it!!! Gonna go visit your store now…looks like you are finding some great stuff!!

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