Inside The Lovely Old House



As I mentioned on May 5th, pills a very nice older man, hospital invited us into his lovely 18th century home, viagra in Smyrna, De. As we walked through the front door, we entered the center hall, and I felt that I had gone back in time. The first thing that caught my eye, were several 18th c. portraits, hanging on both sides of the hallway. Standing all in a row, along one long wall, were about 15 WONDERFUL Windsor chairs. I guessed he had a “thing” for chairs, but they looked wonderful, all lined up like soldiers standing at attention. On the opposite wall stood a magnificent grandfather clock. As we walked into the living room, there was a lovely damask Sheradon sofa, a Queen Anne tea table, and two damask wing chairs in front of a huge fireplace. These beautiful portraits hung above the mantle, so you can imagine how large it was. In one corner there was a Philadelphia Chippendale desk, signed and dated, 1804. Everywhere I looked were, samplers, Staffordshire plates, pitchers and three lovely statues, Faith, Hope and Charity. On each side of the fireplace were two Hepplewhite chests. He seemed very proud of them and told us they were made in Wilmington, De. in the early 1800′s. As we walked through an archway, flanked by two 4×9 ft. faux grained doors, we entered the dining room. There stood a huge 19th c. Hepplewhite dining table, complete with matching chairs, about 18 of them! As my husband, Bill and Mr. Ellis chatted about the house and it’s architecture, and I was taking pictures, suddenly a voice from upstairs called down, “John, who’s here?”, which he replied, “some visitors to our town.” She said, “oh, alright”. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be very thrilled if my husband invited total strangers into my home, but she really didn’t seem to mind. I did feel we had taken enough of his time, so we thanked him for his hospitality, and left. Later, this Summer, I would love to return to this little town. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him working on his yard again, and he’ll invite me in for another visit. Oh, I hope so! Happy day everyone. Come back soon.

memorium.jpg I loved this painting. I have seen pictures in books of these kinds of paintings, but I have never seen one in person. These were very popular in the 1700′s, painted in memoreum of the death of a family member. chippendaledesk.jpg

This is the Philadelphia signed Chippendale desk, c.1840





4 Responses to “Inside The Lovely Old House”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Wow Carole, you must have been in heaven!!!! His home sounds like a museum! Wish I could have been there with you! Thanks for sharing it with us. :-) Nancy

  2. Lynn Gabos Says:

    Carole your description was so vivid I felt as if I was walking right behind you through this wonderful home! Thanks for the treat. Lynn

  3. Carole Says:

    Thank you , Lynn. So happy to see you here, reading my blog. Come again.

  4. Carole Says:

    Hi Nancy. Yes, it was wonderful and so nice of him to invite us in. His collection was wonderful.

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