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The last of the Mennonite Folk Are On Early Ledger Pages collection

Monday, November 25th, 2013

These interesting Mennonite Folk Art drawings done on early ledger pages have been a popular item since Carole first discovered them on one of her many trips to Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Since discovering these gems she learned they can be found in galleries and museums featuring early folk art. Increasingly hard to find, health the items below are the final collection. Carole wrote about this art on her blog in 2011:


FS2098-1 copy

FS2097-1 copy

FS2100-1 copy

FS2104-1 copy FS2103-1 copy FS2102-2 copy FS2101-1 copy FS2099-3 copy

FS2105-1 copy FS2106-3 copy