Freshen Up for Spring

I just got my shipment of Early Homes magazine. It has all kinds of interesting ideas, patient plus 44 sources of historical paints, see stencils and wallpaper. Primitives too! This is a wonderful magazine, but it only comes out twice a year. I have 12 issues, only $6.99 a copy, including shipping, so don’t miss getting yours.

Have you noticed the birds chirping, it sounds like Spring already! Did we have a Winter? We had no snow this year, maybe an inch, but that’s it. It wasn’t bad at all, was it, but it didn’t seem to put much of a dent in my heating bill. Nothing changed there. Springtime always motivates me to freshen up my house. I need to paint my kitchen and laundry room, but dread having to take everything down off the walls and shells to prepare for it. ┬áIt’s a great feeling though, don’t you think, after it’s all completed? Everything feels so clean and fresh.

Thanks for stopping by friends.



3 Responses to “Freshen Up for Spring”

  1. tj Says:

    …Ooo, I want one please! I LOVE that magazine! I still have the last one I purchased from you and I refer back to it from time to time, love it. :o )

    …I checked in your shop but didn’t see ‘em there but please save one for me or you can invoice me. You have my email addy. ;o)

    …Hope all is well with you Carole and your family. I think of you often.


    …Blessings too :o )

  2. tj Says:

    …Oh, and when you’re done painting your kitchen, would you come and paint mine, please? Thank you! ;o)

  3. carolemurals Says:

    sorry, tj, i love ya, but that’s going a bit too far, even with a hug attached.

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