More About My Trip to Ohio

We did so much antiquing along the way to the show. It was so fun. We also visited a few friends too. Their houses are amazing and I took lots of photos. Here are a few that I think you’ll enjoy seeing. This room took my breath away. We sat at that table and had coffee and cake. Great conversation too, shop as our friend told us the story of how she came to finally purchase this wonderful old house.

I should have shown the kitchen first. This is where we first walked into the house. It felt so warm and cozy.

On one side of the window was the fireplace area, and the other was a wonderful early cupboard.

Isn’t this a fabulous bowl! Early 18th century. Tomorrow I’ll show more photos of the living room. Until then~



6 Responses to “More About My Trip to Ohio”

  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    Great pictures and wonderful bowl!

  2. Bill and Judy Says:

    Great pictures and wonderful early bowl!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    What a beautiful home! Looking forward to more photos of your fabulous trip! Thanks,

  4. carolemurals Says:

    Hello Rebecca, Bill and Judy. It’s wonderful to hear from all of you! Sometimes when I am posting I wonder if anyone is really out there reading it. Now I know you are still there!
    Thank you

  5. Barb Says:

    Loved the pictures. Can’t wait for more, this house is awesome!!!!

  6. tj Says:

    …Awesomeness everywhere you turn! :o )

    …I do have to say that my fav’ photo of ‘em all is the small photo of the bittersweet and candle in the window. Lovely.

    …And oh my goodness! That bowl! *swoons* ;o)


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