A Wonderful Interesting Customer

I love my customers, cialis and appreciate it when they share life experiences with me. Hollie is one of those customers. She lives in Oregon. She is such an adventurous person. I love reading her emails, look and I thought you would too, online so I asked her permission to share them with you. This is one that I got from her yesterday, you have got to read this! It looks long but I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

We had a fun eventful trip to eastern Oregon. It is a four to five hour drive to Sumpter through desert, canyons and over five mountain passes! The landscape is extremely varied: through the Clarno Volcanic area full of unusual peaked volcanoes, through a portion of the Painted Hills area of red, purple, green & yellow exposed layered strata, and through a portion of the John Day Fossil Beds area. Fossils were discovered in the late 19th c in this area. How I would have loved to have been a part of that discovery and excursion! There is a wonderful museum called the Thomas Condon Paleontology Center, full of wild animal (saber tooth cat, rhino!)  fossils and stunning palm & plant leaf fossils that I always stop to view. There is a incredible section of the road that winds through a 2 mile stretch of canyon called the Picture Gorge. It is beautiful tight passage with a small river and when you enter through the eastern side, it literally looks like the earth cracked open like a ragged jigsaw puzzle. One can see how both sides of the mountain fit together.

The best part of the trip was our rock excursion into the mountains of Greenhorn. It was cool weather but at least free of snow for we were 7,000 feet in elevation. We first went to the virgin strewn fields and spent a least an hour there gathering quartz crystal rocks and petrified wood. Mark was surprised to find such an unusual area seemingly untouched. He dug up some amazing green petrified wood for me from a spot that I had marked during my last visit. The petrified wood is unusual in that portions appear to be in the process of petrifying! What is exciting about that strewn area is, that each spring snow melt will uncover new specimens and expose and tumble underlying rocks to the surface.

Next, in the general area, we walked down a hillside below the strewn field. We discovered an old abandoned mine shaft that had partly caved in. I wanted to crawl in and explore, but we didn’t have a flash light with us (probably safer not to go in too!) Just above the mine shaft about 300 yards is a rock ledge that I marked on my previous visit with an exposed rock section about 12 inches in diameter that displayed beautiful quartz crystal. Mark, my hero, hooked up a jack hammer to the car & preceded to chisel & hammer away at the rock! It took about 30-40 minutes to loosen it. Much to our surprise, underneath the exposed part was even more spectacular than the top portion!! It is a mass of glittering crystal nodules. Mark estimated that the largest rock weighs 90-100 pounds. In all we brought back about 350-400 pounds of rocks! That’s some serious diggings!
The most interesting event of the day however happened as we were packing up the rocks from the strewn field from our first spot. Mark called my attention to a grouse bird off to the west that we had spooked.

As we were watching the bird,  much to our surprise, a cougar darted after the grouse!! It was a blur of speed and agility but unnerving to watch simply because the cougar was close enough to us to see and most likely had been observing us (and me standing alone!) for a while on the strewn field and had circled around us. At one point I was alone way down the strewn field hill as Mark was hauling the petrified wood back to the car. I felt uncomfortable being alone so far away from him, so I stopped searching & held the ice axe in my hands ready for any use & kept my head up and eyes peeled. The birds were squawking in the trees all around & making a terrible racket. Usually that is a wilderness safety alert indicating a disturbance from some type of predator. I was certainly praying too. So I returned to the car quickly to join Mark. Overall, it was a great outdoor experience. I am ready and raring to explore again.



4 Responses to “A Wonderful Interesting Customer”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Interesting and VERY exciting, albeit a little dangerous? Glad all ended well!
    As a former professional environmental engineer, I’m surprised you can chip away at rock and haul off…?

    I always enjoy your travel log, even through other followers!!

  2. Barbara Melotto Says:

    Sounds like a beautiful adventure. I have never been to that part of our country, so enjoyed hearing about it. I am curious, what does she do with all the rocks? Also, I always thought one didn’t take nature from special places…usually says leave it as you find it so others can enjoy. Just wondering!

  3. Anonymous Says:


    I decorate with rocks both inside the house and outside. I have a rock garden outside. The spot my husband and I went to is a special place for us. It is in a remote rugged area. We walked a great distance up and down a mountainside. The mountains are literally covered with the same quartz everywhere you look.

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