Who are the Shakers?

The Shakers are a small Protestant religious denomination that was founded in Manchester, help England in the mid 1700′s. They were also referred to as the “shaking Quakers because they’re meetings included singing and dancing. The first group of Shakers, doctor 5 men and 3 women, health arrived in America in August in the year 1774. After the American Revolution many people converted to this new faith and nine Shaker communities were founded in New York State and throughout New England. In the early 1800′s the movement spread West, into Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. By 1824 there were 19 communities formed. They called themselves the United Society and Believers of Christ’s second appearing. Today, one Shaker community still exists at Sabbathday Lake, in Maine.

The Shakers make amazingly simple and beautiful furniture and household items. I am pleased to have a few I’ll be offering for sale very soon.

I purchased this early Shaker measure from a collector, who is now downsizing to a smaller home, and is selling a few pieces from her collections. She told me that it is from the Sabbathday Lake Shaker community, which sparked my interest in the Shakers. I have always admired their superior craftsmanship, and this piece and the others that I purchased are certainly wonderful examples of their work.


These Shaker pantries are small and were probably used for the storage of herbs or spices. The one on the left has it’s original cinnamon paint, and on the inside, written in pencil the words cream of tartar 2. Both are early and all original.



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