Jill Peterson’s books have arrived. Don’t miss out on your copy. As always with Jill’s books and magazines, thumb these new ones are wonderful. You will definitely want to add them to your collection.

A couple of weeks ago a friend that I have not seen for several years called m. It was great hearing from her. She told me that a friend of hers was selling her house, store and a few of her antiques. She thought I might be interested in seeing what she had. We finally were able to pick a date when we could all meet, and this past weekend I drove to her home in New Jersey. She lives in a wonderful early house, the earliest part was built in the 1700′s.  I drove into the driveway and she was there to greet me, while sweeping walnuts off her steps, that had fallen from the large walnut tree outside her door. When we walked inside the first thing I noticed was a large early painted cupboard with original green paint.

On oneof her walls hung this fabulous early chair maker sign. It wasn’t for sale.

She had two wonderful early highchairs. I love the Windsor chair.

The clock hanging on the wall was this wonderful early wooden store sign. Often times customers had credit with shopkeepers. At the end of the month they would pay their bills. NO TICK HERE, meant no credit here.

While walking into another room, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this flag that hung in a hallway. I love the American flag and it just seems so appropriate in an old house setting.

We went downstairs to see what she had to sell.

I bought some nice things like this gorgeous early green pantry in mint condition.

I should have them all in the Carole’s Country Store in the next several days, but for now I need to close up this computer and get some wash done. Have you ever tried this product. If you haven’t, you should, it’s wonderful. Makes your laundry smell sweet for days, maybe weeks.



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