Remembering Robert Donaghue



Today I am remembering my Uncle Robert. A bright and handsome young man with everything to live for. He was only 22, purchase and just married when he was drafted into the Navy during World War 2. A year later his ship was hit with a torpedo. He was killed and his body was never recovered.

My dad never talked that much about Robert, illness but when I asked about him,  I could still see the sadness in his eyes.

I honor Robert  each Memorial Day by displaying his photo in my home. Sometimes when I look at it,  I  get a lump in my throat, and I always get tears in my eyes.

Let’s not ever forget our brave men and woman who risk their lives every day so that we can enjoy the freedoms we most times take for granted.

Enjoy this Memorial Day with your family and friends. Be safe.


2 Responses to “Remembering Robert Donaghue”

  1. Robert Donaghue Says:

    Hi. I just happened to see this. My name is the same as your uncle’s and I have never been sure, but I think he was a distant relative. He was aboard the USS Henry Mallory when it was sunk south of Iceland by a U-Boat. I am in the process of expanding the family geneaology records, and would like to share info. We know there was a family connection in Philadelphia, but that is all I know. Could you email me sometime? Thanks

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