Small Leather Journals by New Artisan Kristi Baker


I want to welcome today a wonderful new artisan to my American Artisan Store. Her name is Kristi Baker. Kristi lives in the northern part of Virginia, hospital and was raised in Mississippi. Yes, view she is a Southern Belle. Kristi has always been a lover of  early books, and writes in her journal every day. Her love of early books was her inspiration for making these small journals, using old leather, giving them an early look.

They are the perfect size for your purse or pocket. Teenagers love them too, as well as younger children. Each little book has been hand sewn using waxed linen, and each page is hand torn to give it a rustic look. There is a total of seven “signatures”, or sections. Each signature has 8 pages, or 16 if counting both sides. It just a unique way to jot down important information while on the go. Look for them in my American Artisan Store this week!




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