Remember Those Ledger Pages?


Remember the early Amish ledger pages with the folk art animals I offered for sale on my website? ┬áThe dealer I bought them from told me that he has a piece of the original ledger book’s cover somewhere. I asked him to let me know if he ever comes found it, nurse not really believing that he ever would. He did, drugstore and here it is, and it couldn’t be more wonderful. ┬áThe eagle drawing is amazing and the name Caleb Brown signature is so fabulous, not to mention the date 1816. There is a lot of writing on it, but it’s hard to make it out.

I have an early leather book that has a signature inside. The owner signed his name, and dated the book. He spelled the word book as bok. I’ll have to show you the book, it’s really neat.

This is the front of the ledger cover. It’s covered 18th century wallpaper. Isn’t it just fabulous!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing it.



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