First Baby Has Hatched!

We had a few pretty bad storms last night. Buckets of rain poured  down. It’s foggy this morning. I can hear the fog horns in the distance, generic coming from the ships on the Delaware river. I love that sound, it just feels comforting. When I went outside to get the Sunday paper, I couldn’t resist stopping  by my little apple tree. I wanted to take a peak at the bird’s nest. To my surprise one of the eggs hatched overnight. That storm must have scared the dear little soul out of his shell! Is that en eyeball I see? Looks like another one is pecking it’s shell trying to make his entrance into the world.

A few hours later I went out again. #2 has hatched!

4 Responses to “First Baby Has Hatched!”

  1. tj Says:

    …Oh my goodness, how exciting! I can’t get over that the Mother Bird chose that spot to build her nest (I read yesterday’s post:o) but I guess she feels she can ward off any threats to her nest if she has too. Hopefully her little babies will be safe. :o )

    …Enjoy your Sunday! We’re having the same rainy weather here in Missouri today. Lots o’ rain and highs only in the 50′s…perfect sewing weather. :o )

    …Blessings dear friend…

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