There’s a Miniature Apple Tree in My Garden


This Spring when I began working on my garden, healing I noticed a robin kept hanging around. Then I noticed she would fly out of my little apple tree.

She really gets upset when I’m out there working. I feel bad that I make her so nervous, malady but hey, viagra this is my garden and this soon to be momma, made a BIG mistake building her nest where she did. I can just bend over and peek right inside, and when I did, this is what I saw. What happened to her natural instincts? Why would she do that?

I have one or two cats that come into my yard. We also have raccoons. This is just too dangerous for baby birds to survive. I thought about taking the nest out of the tree, but I just couldn’t bring myself to so it, it seemed so cruel, but I just can’t bare to see anything happen to those baby birds. once they hatch. I don’t see how they can survive. I don’t want to come out some morning and see 3 little dead babies on my walkway. I don’t know what to do. I guess I’ll just have to let mother nature take it’s course. Who knows, maybe everything will be alright, but I’m not feeling good about it. A miracle is in order here.

Happy Day



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