Penny Table Rugs by Kim Klingaman


Today I would like to welcome a new artisan to my American Artisan Store. Her name is Kim Klingaman. Kim lives in Zoar, treat Ohio, prescription with her husband and a variety of critters. Her exquisite penny table rugs caught my eye. I love finding new artisans, and I have to say I am pretty particular, I want to find art that is wonderful and appropriate for display in a country home. Kim has been making 100% wool penny rugs for over 5 years. Her work has been seen in Early American Life magazine. Her historical reproductions have become popular with collectors nationwide.

This is a triple stack penny rug, meaning it has three “pennies”, in graduated sizes, one on top of the other. The colors are muted shades of black, green, mustard and walnut. Each color is hand dyed on 100% recycled or new wool. So much work goes into these hand made table rugs, and the end result is a wonderful piece of American Folk art.

The appliqued chair pad below got it’s influence from Fraktur done by the Pennsylvania Germans, sometime referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Fraktur got is start in 1740 in southeast Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Germans used it to decorate personal family records, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and important documents, all done in ink pen and watercolors.

This close up shows Kim’s meticulous work. Kim lives in Zoar, Ohio, with her husband Tom, and several of her favorite critters. Be sure to check out more of her items in the American Artisan Store. I’m thrilled and honored to have her as a participating artist in my American Artisan Store.


One Response to “Penny Table Rugs by Kim Klingaman”

  1. tj Says:

    …Just absolutely stunning work!

    …Off to check out your store – have a great day! :o )


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