Saturday’s Antique Show

I am hoping to get more yard work done today while the sun is still shining, sick but I wanted to tell you about my weekend of antiquing. This past Saturday, ampoule I went to a show in Maryland. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more dealers this time but it was still a good show. I think the price of gas is keeping a lot of people home, and I have to admit when I fill my gas tank, $65., yikes, it takes a lot of the pleasure out of driving and searching for antiques. I have always enjoyed posting about my little jaunts through Lancaster County in Pennsylvania, searching for treasure, and I know how much my readers enjoyed hearing about it and seeing the photos. I would take. I still want to do that, I enjoy it so much and I will continue to find the best primitives I can to offer on my website.

My favorite find at the show, was this early hand carved spoon rack. Spoon racks like this are such treasures.

It is hand carved with the initials E G in the center. It was probably made by a husband for his wife. Each scallop along the back has a carved flower. Lots of small nails, making me think it could be 18th century. I have a collection of old presidents spoons that belonged to my parents. They look wonderful displayed this way. It’s so tempting to keep it.

One of my other favorite finds is this very early round bread board. I love the dry bleached surface. A knife came with it but the breadboard is much earlier then the knife. I think it looks wonderful displayed with stone fruit, but wouldn’t it be perfect to use as a cake plate or a great way to serve cheese and fruit.

Of course I couldn’t resist this huge very early rye basket, always a favorite and perfect in a country home. This one is yummy. Not perfect but so charming, and would fabulous on a large farm table.

Well, it’s getting late and I need to go buy some flower seeds and get to work in my garden. I hope the sun stays out.
Happy day everyone

2 Responses to “Saturday’s Antique Show”

  1. Barbara Melotto Says:

    My Mom had those president spoons too! I used to love drying and looking at them. I haven’t thought about them in a long, long time. I wonder what ever happened to them?

  2. Jenny Says:

    Lovely treasures; I especially like the spoon rack. I would find it difficult to part with many of your antiques! lol

    I also ‘budget’ most of my driving trips and always enjoy following your travels!

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