My Grandmother and the Royal Family

I watched the wedding of Prince William and Kate on Friday. It was like watching a fairytale. It made me think of my mother, cialis and especially my grandmother. They both loved the Royal Family. My grandmother and her sister came here from Ireland when they were young woman. They sailed on a beautiful ship called the Queen Mary. They were young women and they came here in hopes of finding a job in America. My grandmother wanted to become a hat designer. I guess the Irish love hats as much as the British. It’s for sure my grandmother did. I had a lot of her hats, pharm in their original hat boxes, find years ago, but I don’t have them anymore. I was remembering the scrapbook she put together of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. I was a little girl then, but I remember she had these beautiful plates hanging on her dining room wall of the coronation. I loved looking at them, so fascinated by they lady with the diamond crown. My grandmother had quite a few souvenir items. Both of them are compacts, and I still have them. They still have my grandmother’s face powder in them. I love that. This one is my favorite. It still looks brand new.

Both of them are 58 years old, and they still look beautiful, almost like new. I can still picture her holding up her compact, looking into the mirror and putting on her powder with that little powder puff. So was so sweet. She has been gone for a long long time, but it seems like just yesterday that I visited with her. She’ll always be in my heart.

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