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What is it?

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

I had to buy a new camera. Seems I just wore out my old one. It’s hard to get used to using a new one and I am still learning. I like my new one, advice especially now that I can take nice high definition videos too. Now all I have to do is learn how to embed them into my blog. This weekend I’ll be going to a lot of shows and looking for more nice primitives to sell on my website. I think it will be really fun to be able to take some video too.

Last week I bought this dovetailed box. I was told is was a scoop, but I have never seen a square scoop. The other thing that puzzled me about it was that it is so finely made. The wood appears to be cherry. The dovetailing is beautiful. It has no nails but instead tiny wooden pegs have been used. This would indicate to me that it is 18th century. It’s in such beautiful condition, it’s hard to believe that it’s that old. The inside is a mystery to me too. It blackened and in one corner it looks like a small piece of paper or fabric was once covering it. I bought it because of the beauty, and the fine craftsmanship that was used in the making of this wonderful little “scoop”. It’s small too, measuring only 6-1/2 inches long and 4 inches wide. If anyone has any idea of what this is, please let me know.

Have You Seen the Decorah Eagles Nest in Decorah, Iowa?

Saturday, April 16th, 2011


For the past several days, sildenafil I have been watching a family of Eagles, pharm the Decorah eagles.  The live video stream can be seen online 24/7. At night an infrared light provides night vision. It’s so fascinating to watch them, they’re such majestic birds.  This Eagles nest is located in Decorah, a city located in  Winneshiek County, Iowa. Their nest is built atop a cottonwood tree, 80 feet in the air. This pair of eagles built it in 2007.

They have been together since the winter of 2007, and have had a total of 8 eaglets. They just hatched in early April 3 new babies. Mom and dad are wonderful parents. Their nest is located on private property near the Decorah fish hatchery, operated by the Department of Natural Resources, on the banks of the babbling waters of Trout Run in extreme northeast Iowa. The nest weights over a 1,000 pounds and is 4 feet deep! This link shows the eagles view from their nest. Here’s a link to the view of the grounds. Check it out, but I worn you, it’s addictive.

Happy day


A Special Lady Named Margaret

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Margaret was born with Down’s Syndrome. She moved into a group home, healing with three other ladies, one of them my daughter Melissa. That was 11 years ago. Margaret, Melissa, and the other two ladies, soon became very close, just like sisters. Whenever I would stop down to visit, Margaret always ask, “is it going to snow?”, or she would say, “is it going to rain”? For the past few months, Margaret’s health has been failing. Special aides were called in to look after Margaret, giving her the extra attention she needed. Assisting her with her meals, administering medications, round the clock care. I have always observed the kindness, and love by the staff, and aides, before and during this very difficult time. A couple of days ago the staff suggested that it might be best for Melissa to come home with us. Margaret was not expected to make it through the night.  Her family had gathered, and her priest administered last rights. I drove down to pick up Missy, so we could say our final goodbyes. Missy gave her a stuffed rabbit, kissed her on her cheek, held her hand while she gently rubbed her head. Margaret’s sister asked Missy if she would sing Amazing Grace. Missy sings like a little angel. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room as she sang so sweetly to her best friend. This morning, as April snow filled the morning sky, Margaret passed away peacefully in her own home, surrounded by her devoted family who so lovingly called her Sweetie.