My Little Brown Cape

During Christmas my son asked me about the pictures I have hanging on the wall in my office. I told him most of them are favorite photos that I have taken over the years.

I have always loved this picture, tadalafil mainly because I fell in love with the little brown child’s cape. Like many of you, pilule I love old textiles. This photo was taken in a shop in Adamstown, Pennsylvania about 6 years ago, maybe more.

Last night I was sitting in the living room looking at the peg rack Bill made me for Christmas this year. Oh no, it can’t be! Is that the cape in the photograph in my office?! I got up to go look at the picture again. I took down off the wall to take it into the living room to be sure. Oh my gosh, it is, ┬áit’s the same little cape, the one I admired so long ago! I could not believe it. I just purchased this cape this past September at an antique show in Fairhill, Maryland, and never realized that this was the same one. I wondered, where it had been from the time i first saw it in Adamstown so many years ago. How did it find it’s way to the antique dealer that I bought it from?

I guess it was meant to be. It finally found it’s way to me. I love it. All handsewn and quilted. It’s the sweetest little cape, don’t you think?

Happy day


7 Responses to “My Little Brown Cape”

  1. Judi Hunziker Says:

    It was meant to be! Wonderful cape and a wonderful story! Judi

  2. Barbara Melotto Says:

    I love this story and the cape! How lucky it found a home where it will be loved.

  3. carole holt Says:

    hi Judi and Barbara. i was talking to a friend today and she told me she read my blog about the cape. there is a book called “the secret”. it talks about cutting out pictures of things we love, and saving them, and how eventually it will come to you. do you suppose that that is what happened? hmmm, I wonder.

  4. tj Says:

    …Oh this is destiny – what a wonderful story! :o )

    …Well, if what you said in your comment up there Carole is true then I best get busy and cut out pictures of early farmhouses… ;o) Btw, I know we spoke recently about the house I live in and I just wanted to let you know that I have photos of it posted on my Facebook page if you would like to see it.

    …Wishing you & yours a very Happy New Year and here’s hoping it is overflowing with love, laughter, prosperity and joy!

    …Blessings… :o )

  5. tj Says:

    …I didn’t think but here’s a link to my Flickr page if you would like to see our humble little house there instead. :o )

  6. christe' Says:

    oh Carole, I absolutely love these kinds of stories! Serendipity!

    What a precious little cape, perfect in every way, I love the color and the ruffles and smallness of it.

    just so very dear.

    thank you for sharing this, dear Carole.

  7. carolemurals Says:

    hi Christe’, i’m glad you read this post. i knew you would love this little brown cape. it looks like something that would be hanging from you peg rack.

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