Open House at Groundhog Hollow, in Felton, Pennsylvania

A few weeks ago, try I was invited to a Christmas open house in Felton, medical Pennsylvania. I was so looking forward to going. Claudia Collins of Groundhog Hollow Antiques is a dealer of primitives that I met and became friends a few months ago. Claudia lives in this wonderful 18th century house. It sits in a beautiful setting on a hill overlooking her 25 acres of land. That’s her antique shop on the right in the photo above. Below is her wonderful house.

When I walked inside, the smell was heavenly, and the house felt so warm and inviting.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of visiting old houses, whether they belong to friends or on a house tour, but belonging to a friend is better. Of course that wonderful blue box had my name on it. It was for sale, so I bought it. Soon I will have it for sale in Carole’s Country Store , that is if I can bear to part with it!

This photo below shows the true color. Just the perfect color blue, AND a drawer! Love it!

It was hard to get any photos of the living room because there were so many people standing around and the room was small, but I managed to get a couple. What is it about peg racks and bonnets that we all love so much!!!! Those little shoes were adorable too.

You just can not have enough peg racks can you?  What a wonderful way to display things that you might not have a place for otherwise. I’m going to put one up in my living room soon, and I can not wait to hang my old lantern, child’s red high button shoes, bees wax candles, and especially my 19th brown, girl’s Amish cape! Decorated with greens for Christmas, oh, what fun!!

Of course upstairs was just a wonderful. Again, more peg racks.

What an inviting cozy bedroom. How wonderful to have a fireplace. We should all be so lucky, but here’s an idea if you don’t have a real one. If you can find an old one, that’s perfect, but if you can not find one, buy an unpainted one in one of those unpainted furniture stores. Paint it a wonderful colonial color and you could paint a fireboard to put on the front. It would be easy to do, yes, I did say easy, and it will add lots of charm to your bedroom. Why not put it in a corner, like the one in this room.

I took a lot more but I have to go shopping today and I’m running behind. I hope you enjoyed seeing my new friend Claudia’s house, as much as I enjoyed showing it to you. Take care and DON’T GET STRESSED OUT over the holidays. That’s easy for me to say.

Thank you, Claudia, for a wonderful day in the country!



8 Responses to “Open House at Groundhog Hollow, in Felton, Pennsylvania”

  1. tj Says:

    …Oh. My. Goodness! I remember as a child helping my mom fill out Christmas cards and there would be pictures on the front of the cards of old homes similar to this one blanketed in snow and I would always say to my mom, “when I grow up I want to live in a place just like this” and I would hold up the card and I remember my mom always saying, “oh honey, it’s just a picture on a card. Those places really don’t exist.”… Oh, but they do! :o )

    …This place is just glorious! Thank you for sharing this Carole, it is proof that my dream does exist… Can’t wait to see the other photos! And I’ll be looking for that box to be listed…*wink*wink*nudge*nudge* :o )

    …Merry Christmas! Blessings too…

  2. Brenda Williams Says:

    Carole, I love the pictures of this house. Thanks for showing it to us. I will be watching for more pictures of it. I love reading this blog too. You seem to have so much fun and that is wonderful and how life should be. Merry Christmas! Brenda

  3. carole holt Says:

    tj, i enjoyed reading about your little story of when you were a child.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  4. carole holt Says:

    Hi Brenda. I love knowing that my blog is enjoyed, so thank you for telling me that.
    This is a wonderful house, but I have to tell you that i have seen photos of your house and it looks very wonderful too!

  5. Jenn Tavoletti Says:

    Your pictures are lovely. What a wonderful home and shop.
    So beautiful and inspiring….
    It’s motivating me to roll those pumpkins right over the hill lol!
    Enjoy your day Carole!

  6. carolemurals Says:

    lol-I’m still laughing, Jenn. Yup, get them rolling!

  7. Jackie Says:

    Mouth watering, as always!!!! : D


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