Yesterday was just glorious. The sun was just starting to shine. It was already feeling warm. The trees were changing color, sick and I was driving to Bucks County, site Pennsylvania. I was looking for antiques, but just being out driving on this glorious day, felt good, I needed to get out. Bucks County has some of the most beautiful countryside, filled with some of the best farmland. It’s hard to keep your eye on the road when there is so much beauty around you. This farm was picture perfect, and I just had to stop for a photo.

I know a lot of you live in areas where you see farms every day, but  remember, I live in the suburbs, a few minutes from the city of Wilmington, so it’s always a treat for me.  I’ll never tire of looking at them and I always feel so at peace when I spend time there. There’s just something about it that  words can’t describe.

It’s funny how you can see something that brings back a memory. These hay bales reminded me of a day many years ago, when my mother and I were out together. We were in my car.

There was some construction going on, and we were sitting in traffic. I remember how blue the sky was that day. At the side of the road there were huge hay bales behind a charming old fence. I told my mother I was going to get out and take a photo while we were waiting. She thought that was funny. That’s all I remember of that day, and just seeing these brought tears to my eyes. Soon they ran down my cheeks. At the time, it was just another day out with my mother, something I had done so many times before. You take these days for granted. You think they’ll last forever, after all it’s just another day. But time soon passes,  and I would give anything to have that time with her again.

I did antique, and I found a lot. Please come back in a day or two, and I’ll tell you and show you more.

Happy day


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  1. tj Says:

    …Oh Carole. (((hug))) I too have those same memories with my mom. I’d give anything to be able to go back and just bask in the moment and just be with her one more time… *sigh*

    …Bucks County, Penn., is there a more spoken area amongst antique aficionados and history buffs? I think not. :o ) Bucks County, Penn. is on my bucket list… ;o)

    …Lovely photos! Can’t wait to see the treasures too… :o )


  2. christe' Says:

    What beautiful pictures you paint of your beautiful countryside,Carole, with your lovely photos and words.
    I can hear the love you have for it and your Mother, all in your words and your pictures…
    I know I have Pennsylvania in my blood and seeing these pictures always seem like looking through a wispy dream….like I’ve been there before.

    thank you so much for sharing.

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