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Sold-Thank You

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Hi everyone. Many of you have asked when I will have more of Julie Bailey’s dolls available. Well, shop there are here and they are wonderful. These are something new, cure and exclusive to my American Artisan Store. They are pin poppets, malady half doll and half pincushion.  They are just beautiful, and I only have 2 available right now. I have not put them in the artisan store yet, but if you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at and I can tell you more about them. I have lots of antiques coming soon for the country store too, and just as soon as I get them photographed, I’ll talk about them in my next post.



Monday, October 25th, 2010

Yesterday was just glorious. The sun was just starting to shine. It was already feeling warm. The trees were changing color, sick and I was driving to Bucks County, site Pennsylvania. I was looking for antiques, but just being out driving on this glorious day, felt good, I needed to get out. Bucks County has some of the most beautiful countryside, filled with some of the best farmland. It’s hard to keep your eye on the road when there is so much beauty around you. This farm was picture perfect, and I just had to stop for a photo.

I know a lot of you live in areas where you see farms every day, but  remember, I live in the suburbs, a few minutes from the city of Wilmington, so it’s always a treat for me.  I’ll never tire of looking at them and I always feel so at peace when I spend time there. There’s just something about it that  words can’t describe.

It’s funny how you can see something that brings back a memory. These hay bales reminded me of a day many years ago, when my mother and I were out together. We were in my car.

There was some construction going on, and we were sitting in traffic. I remember how blue the sky was that day. At the side of the road there were huge hay bales behind a charming old fence. I told my mother I was going to get out and take a photo while we were waiting. She thought that was funny. That’s all I remember of that day, and just seeing these brought tears to my eyes. Soon they ran down my cheeks. At the time, it was just another day out with my mother, something I had done so many times before. You take these days for granted. You think they’ll last forever, after all it’s just another day. But time soon passes,  and I would give anything to have that time with her again.

I did antique, and I found a lot. Please come back in a day or two, and I’ll tell you and show you more.

Happy day


Thursday, October 21st, 2010

It’s been really hectic around here, check but in a good way. Today I want to thank my wonderful customers for your purchases, ailment AND for taking the time out of your busy day to email me to let me know how happy you are with your purchases. I just can’t tell you how good that makes me feel! !  I have worked really hard to find some wonderful things for you, and have tried to take the best photos I can to give you a real feel for items I have for sale. You have responded in kind and your emails have warmed my heart.  I will continue to work hard at finding more wonderful primitives for you. This weekend I plan on driving to the Lancaster Country area, my favorite area, in hopes of finding more wonderful treasures for you, to help you decorate your home, to make it warm and inviting for you and your family.

The items I show today will be available this weekend. The photo above is part of a charming  early watercolor on lined paper found in Big Valley, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. I am told it is Amish. The wedding band hogscraper, basket and 19th century still life, will also be some of the items soon available.

I also wanted to mention how much I appreciate the emails I get asking about my mother. She is 93 now and doing as well as can be expected. Her dementia has progressed somewhat but she still knows her family, and I am  thankful for that. She tells me things that I know can not be true, but it’s the world she lives in now. I took her for a long ride the other day. We stopped by my house so she could say hello to Bill. She was so happy to see him. Later, when I took her back to the assisted living, she said, “this is my house? It doesn’t look like it”. Some times she  breaks my heart.


A Sneak Peak of New Goodies

Monday, October 11th, 2010

This past weekend I drove to Berks County, diagnosis Pennsylvania in hopes of finding some wonderful items for Carole’s Country Store. What a great weekend it was! I found lots of wonderful things. Baskets, a very early hand-made and dovetailed coffee mill, a candle box, tinware that is museum quality, and some actually from a museum’s collection! It’s always hard to find painted pieces, but this time I found a few. A wonderful measure with it’s original blue paint.

I love this lap desk, original red paint, and dovetailed. Inside on the lid, in pencil, is written Samuel 1866. Can’t you  just picture how beautiful it would look for the holiday season with lots of greens and candles on the top! I also found a 19th century candle holder with it’s own witches hat sniffer, and mustard color paint. Today I’ll start photographing them and getting them ready to send to my webmaster, so he can put them in the store. Hoping to have a few in this week, so be sure to take a peek. I will also have another wonderful doll by Kim Sivak, whose dolls can be found in the American Artisan Store. This is one of her best. His inspiration comes from a early painted 19th century boy doll. The detail in this doll is just wonderful, as only Kim can do!

So that’s about it. Oh, I do want to tell you something else. Remember when I posted about Gabralder house? The one where I climbed through an opening. Well, I just read in our paper that Delaware has received stimulus money to restore it. You can be sure when it starts, I’ll be there with my trusty camera, telling you all about it!



Tasha Tudor’s Bird Cage and Letter

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I have a very nice customer that read my blog the other day, cure when I showed the 19th century boy’s dress that belonged to Tasha Tudor. He was kind enough to send me some photos. One of the photos was this birdcage that once belonged to Tasha, malady which she gave to her friend, pilule who is a friend of my customer.  She keeps her finches in it, like Tasha once did. In the photo below you can see this same cage, drawn as an illustration in one of Tasha’s books.

This bottom photo is letter she wrote to my customer friends about their corgi dogs and how they are related to one another.  The letter was written in 1993. Mr. Flapjack is the name of their son’s corgi.



New Items In Carole’s Country Store Next Week

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Hi everyone. Here are a few things that will be available in Carole’s Country Store next week. Please stop by and take a look.

Thank you!