That Mysterious Staircase

Well, patient TJ, check and  Christe’, I’ll bet you think I went up those stairs. NO WAY! No way was I was going up there!!!! Sorry to disappoint. This photo was taken without a flash.  I really don’t know why it looks like there is light coming from up there. It was pitch black. You could not see a thing. I wished I brought a flashlight, you know I would have gone up there. There were lots more rooms to see, and I wanted to hurry to see them all and get out of the house. Here are the rest of the rooms. This was creepy. Just knowing there were people that were sleeping in this room. I didn’t like seeing that.

Pieces of the ceilings are falling down as well as the plaster on the walls. Someone has swept some of the debris into the middle of the floor.

One of the rooms had these valences on all of the windows. Obviously these were added much later than 1844, but I thought they were pretty. Love the tassels.

I love this picture. When I walked into this room, it gave me a good feeling. I’m not really sure why. Sad, the mantle was taken.

One more set of stairs. So far nothing really exciting, but it’s still fun looking.

It’s really dark up here. This photo was taken with a flash and it still looks dark. I even lightened it up. There is not much else to see, so I went back downstairs to the first floor again.

Well, I saw enough and we were both anxious to leave. We walked back down the stairs and climbed out the window. I have never seen triple hung windows like these. Aren’t they beautiful?

This is the view from the third tier of the property, looking down at the pool,  now turned into a pond.

As we went down the steps we talked about what it must have been like to live here back in the day. It’s beautiful and we had fun. I hope you enjoyed this little adventure. I loved having you along. Tomorrow I’ll post the rest of my  photos, so until then-



4 Responses to “That Mysterious Staircase”

  1. tj Says:

    …Well couldn’t you send Bill up there? lol… I’m just kidding, just kidding…lol… If it was pitch black I wonder what that light was from? That struck me as odd.

    …This was fun Carole and thank you for taking us along! I truly loved this and that house is just absolutely beautiful. All that woodwork is just stunning and I am so happy to hear that it will hopefully one day make a comeback and be the gem that she really is! :o )

    …Again, thank Carole and Bill too!

    …Blessings… :o )

  2. carolemurals Says:

    you’re a hoot tj! send Bill? He didn’t even come upstairs with me! I don’t understand the light “thing”. Ya gotta wonder!

  3. Barbara Melotto Says:

    I am envious that you got to prowl around that wonderful house or maybe I should call it mansion! I would have gone up those stairs in a heartbeat since there was so much light shining down. Must have been a window at the top. I would love to see it after it is restored.

  4. carole holt Says:

    Hello Barbara. No, that’s the thing. It was pitch black up there!!!!!! When I got home and saw all that light I was AMAZED! I would have gone up, if it was light, that’s for sure.

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