I’ll Be Painting A Mural Today


It been a few years since my partner and I painted a mural. Today we will be getting together, cialis just like old times. We’re going to paint a mural for a group home. It won’t be anything elaborate, just enough to give some warmth and interest to the room. My daughter Melissa lives in a group home. She moved in about ten years ago. I did a lot of decorating for the house. I painted a mural in their center hall. It was such a big hit. The girls loved watching me paint. They were so interested in what I was doing, watching closely as I painted their house on the wall. Now I get asked to paint for other group homes. I love doing it. It’s my way of giving back. My partner, Carole, helps me, and we love it. It brings back good memories. Painting a mural is a lot of work. We won’t be painting a lot of detail work, the idea is to just make a large plain wall and warm things up. I was trying to get some ideas this morning. I came across some photos of murals that I hadn’t looked at for years. It brought back good memories. Gosh we had so much fun. This picture is an original Rufus Porter mural. I am pretty sure that I showed these a couple of years ago on in my blog, but for those that didn’t see them, I wanted to show them again. One of our client’s friends invited us to their home in New Hampshire. They lived in a very old house that had ORIGINAL Rufus Porter murals. They were painted in the early 19th century and they were in amazing condition, and we were thrilled to be able to actually see them in person.
Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you more. Until then-
Happy day!

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