Welcome Artisan Sharon Ascherl


This morning I want to welcome Sharon Ascherl to my American Artisan store. Sharon grew up and still lives near one of America’s most treasured waterways, buy cialis the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Her grandfather was farmer, stuff a jack of all trades, nurse and a Chesapeake Bay oysterman.


Sharon’s paintings tell the story of simpler times. Daily chores, family, church, community the rich tapestry of everyday life. Sharon is listed in the Early American Life magazine’s directory. Her Maryland Crabfest painting was chosen for the AARP calendar. She was recognized as emerging artist of 2009 at Garden Artfest in Maryland.

Sharon also uses her talents to paint beautiful brides boxes. Brides boxes were popular in America and Germany from 1750-1850. Brides boxes we made of wood and decorated by the “schachtelmaler”, or box painter. These boxes were given as a wedding gift or a “love” gift given to the bride, from the groom and were used to hold smaller items from the brides trousseau, such as linens, lace and ribbons were kept in these boxes.


Each one of Sharon’s boxes are beautifully handpainted, and antiqued to give it an aged look. There is a saying written on this box in German, which reads “your heart and my heart are as one heart”, and many of her boxes are given as a unique wedding gift and keepsake for a young married couple. Sharon will also be offering soon, boxes painted with early designs and heavily antiqued and aged for those that prefer a more early look, so be sure to check back for those in the near future.


Welcome, Sharon, I am honored to have you as one of the talented American artisans in my store!


3 Responses to “Welcome Artisan Sharon Ascherl”

  1. Martha Says:

    Carole, Hi!

    Well, guess what? I just picked up my copy of Early Homes while shopping at Wegman’s! I could not wait to get home to look at it and see your home, this must have been the fastest I have ever put groceries away.

    Your home is lovely, lovely is not even the correct word, I LOVE it! Your murals are just wonderful. I wish they had more photos of your home. I truly enjoyed seeing it.

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Martha Says:

    PS- I forgot to add I love the artwork you have featured on your blog as well.

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