Early Homes Magazine and Chicken Pot Pie


Hi everyone. It’s freezing here in Wilmington, ambulance Delaware, and there are tons of snow still on the ground. I do not want to go outside! I’m a big chicken when it comes to being out in the cold, so walking outside this winter was not an option. Speaking of being a chicken, I made THE most delicious chicken pot pie for dinner last night. I made it once before and it’s the best ever. I got the recipe from Ina Garten, so how can you miss! Love her recipes. If you make it, be sure to use her recipe for the crust. That really makes it! You can use store bought, but her recipe is wonderful and easy, especially if you have a food processor. I do not use heavy cream, and I tried using less butter, but honestly, the butter adds a wonderful flavor, so use what the recipe call for. Substitute half and half for the heavy cream if you want to eliminate some of the calories and fat.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is that there is an article showing my home and murals in Early Homes magazine. I wasn’t that big on having my home in a magazine, but I sent them photos about 5 years ago, just photos of murals. I did that because I thought it would be a good way to promote my mural business. Then, out of the blue, I got an email few months ago saying they would like to do an article in the spring issue. I was surprised to hear from them, and thought it would be an opportunity to draw attention to my website. It’s the Spring issue. This is not the issue, I just wanted to show you what the magazine looks like if you are not familiar with it. Since Early Homes is a twice-a-year special edition, there is no subscription. It’s is newsstand only, and should be available within a week. You can also order it by calling the Home Buyer Bookstore directly at (800) 850-7279. I have always loved this magazine, and if you love early things like I do, you will love it too.
You should be able to find it in Barnes and Nobles and Borders too. They are also using one of my photos somewhere else in the issue. It might be on the index page, I’m not sure yet. I don’t even know what photo it is. I want to be surprised!
Well, back to work.


10 Responses to “Early Homes Magazine and Chicken Pot Pie”

  1. Bill and Judy Says:

    Congratulations! We can’t wait to get a copy of the magazine. We love that magazine. There are so few good “early” magazines currently published. Our home was in Country Home Christmas, 1996. It was a lot of work but we are so glad we did it. We think the picture of your pot pie should be published!!
    Bill and Judy

  2. Debbie Says:

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you Carol. I’m excited to see pictures of your murals. It’s something I don’t see much of and really like them. The pot pie looks yummy!

  3. Stephanie @ Old World Primitives Says:

    Congrats on having your home published! That is really exciting. I have seen Early Homes on the newsstand before – I’ll have to pick the spring issue up.

  4. Rondell Says:

    How wonderful, I’ll certainly pick up one at our small drugstore in town where that is the only place I’ve seen Early Homes for sale around here:)

    I agree the pic of the pot pie should be in there too!


  5. Louise Says:

    Carole, your Pot Pie looks so BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I can’t wait to get the magazine, your home is truly WONDERFUL!

  6. Carole Says:

    Thank you everyone, for your comments. Now make sure all of you make that pot pie, and let me know how you like it!

  7. Susan Hunter Says:

    Dear Carole,

    Your house is beautiful and so are the many things on your website. I am interested in the Turtle Creek plate and pitcher. I would like to send you a cashier’s check. Please let me know if that is possible. Are the prices firm? Thank you.

    Susan Hunter

  8. Jenny Says:

    Dear Carole,

    I don’t spend too much time on the web, but I absolutely love your blog/shop, photos and especially the history lessons. I will have to look for a copy of Early Homes (congrats!)…and I plan on making the chicken pot pie for my family! Please, keep up the good work!

    Jenny, Sheepy Hollow

  9. Carole Says:

    Jenny, I am so flattered by your very nice comment. People like you make this blog worth the time and effort I put into to it. I enjoy making people happy, so thank you so much!

  10. kim Says:

    How exciting!! I love Ina’s recipes and watch her tv show. I will have to try this recipe. You made it look so pretty, I bet it is delicious :)
    I hope I can find the magazine I always have a hard time finding it in my local Borders. Big Congratulations to you.

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