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Thanksgiving Day

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009


I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. If you’re doing the cooking, buy like I am, capsule you are probably doing a lot of thinking about what you’re going to be making for your family and friends. There are so many wonderful recipes, that I am having a hard time deciding on the dishes that I’ll be making. Of course I’m cooking a turkey with stuffing, that’s easy. It’s the vegetables and dessert that make me crazy. I always have a hard time deciding on which ones to cook. There are so many recipes to choose from and all of them are so good. I have spend so much time looking at magazines and watching the food network over the past few weeks, and I want to cook everything I see. The funny thing is, I end up making pretty much the same thing every year because my family enjoys tradition. There will be six of us around the dinner table this year, my husband, son and daughter, my mother and brother-in-law. I am looking forward to this day spent with my family, as I am sure that you are with yours. I want to wish all of you, and your families, a blessed Thanksgiving Day. I want you to know that I appreciate every one of you for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog. I am very appreciative too, to my customers who visit and purchase from Caroles Country Store. Thank you so much!
Sending blessings

Carpenter’s Hall-Philadelphia, PA.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009


Carpenter’s Hall was designed as a place for carpenters to hold their guild meetings. This guild was formed in 1772, buy cialis and is the oldest of its kind in the United States. The modern day Carpenter’s Company still holds its quarterly meetings here and sit in these original chairs.


This beautiful Georgian style building is where the first Continental Congress met in 1774.


So that’s about all we had time for. It was getting late and we didn’t want to get caught in rush hour traffic, healing so we decided we had better get going. We had such a fun time and can’t wait to go back again. Maybe the art museum next, who knows. If you have never been to Philadelphia, you really have to go. It’s a beautiful city and there is so much to see, but remember, don’t bring any gum, because that nasty park ranger will hunt you down and he’ll tell everyone that you have some. Heaven forbid! You really should eat at City Tavern too, the atmosphere is lovely and historic.
Happy day everyone.

Another Antique Show Today

Saturday, November 21st, 2009


Hi everyone. Well I’m off to another antique show today. I’ll be back tomorrow to finish my posting about Philadelphia. Then I’ll tell you about the show. Enjoy your day!

Independence Hall

Friday, November 20th, 2009

After touring the first bank, healing we headed over to Independence Hall.


We got in line for the security check. Wow, sovaldi no smiles there. Lined up for the tour. A guide came over and told us we needed a ticket! Oh, medical no! We walked over and got them, but we had a reservation for lunch, so decided to do that first. We ate at The City Tavern Restaurant, a lovely upscale restaurant that is well known in the area.


The waitress came to our table. Would not crack a smile. What’s up with that, we’re really friendly gals!! We ordered and she brought us our meals, and that was the last we saw of her. Never came back to fill our coffee cups, or to ask if we needed anything. Nothing. Walked past our table several times, but never stopped. What’s up with that! Poor service does not deserve a good tip, and believe me she did not get a good one. We left and headed back to Independence Hall. We were a couple of minutes late and they already went inside. We had to wait another 25 minutes. That was too long so I said I would peek inside. They just got started and I slipped inside. When I realized it was okay, I put my hand out the door and motioned for my friends to come along. Once inside, again we were taken back in time. Imagine, I was standing where our forefathers stood before signing the Declaration of Independence! No matter how many times I visit Philadelphia, I am always in awe of what I am seeing.



Right next store is Congressional Hall. We get in line NOT realizing we are standing on the handicapped ramp. We are the first in line, and now everyone has lined up behind us. As we wait for the tour to begin, the guide reprimands us for being in the wrong spot. Geez, we’re sorry, we goofed. Where’s the sign? We apologize and minutes later we were told to go inside, turn right and take a seat. Besides us, there was a group of children and their parents and teachers. They were taking a long time getting seated. We decided to break away from the group and take our seats in the last row. As we sat waiting, my friend offered me a piece of gum. Now the guide began. We were about 5 minutes into it, when he stops talking, looked at us and said, “are you chewing gum?” We were stunned. He couldn’t be talking to us, could he? No, must be a child. Wrong! Everyone turns around to see who he is talking to. I felt like I was back in school again. Carole said she felt like she should swallow hers. We didn’t know that we couldn’t chew gum. I can understand if we were children, why he would be concerned, but come on, did he think we were going to stick it under the chair. We were offended and embarrassed, so we got up and walked out. We complained to the other guide standing outside the door. He agreed that he should not have done that and offered to let us come in when he started his tour. We thanked him but left. By now I realize I left my glasses at the restaurant. Oh, no, I had to face the cranky waitress! Tomorrow we’ll go to Carpenter’s Hall. See you then.

My Day in Historic Philadelphia

Thursday, November 19th, 2009


Our day trip to Philadelphia was so fun! I don’t live that far away so the total time getting there was only about an little over an hour. The first thing we did was visit the First Bank of Philadelphia, capsule the oldest bank in America. I provided a sketch, search so you can get an idea of what it looked like during the time it was in use.


The first bank of the United States was needed because the government incurred a lot of debt during the Revolutionary War, healing and each state had a different form of currency. It was built while Philadelphia was still the nation’s capital. It was the idea of Alexander Hamilton to have this bank in order to handle the huge war debt and to create a standard form of currency. Below is Hamilton’s portrait.


Did you know that the first bank charter was drafted in 1791? The bank was originally housed in Congressional Hall from 1791-1795, and in 1811 Congress voted to abandon the bank and it’s charter. The neoclassical design was intended to recall the democracy and splendor of ancient Greece.

Inside there are so many gorgeous paintings of the special men that helped shape our country. Here are just a few of those paintings. I hope you will come back tomorrow. I have more photos to show and a couple of funny stories.

Benjamin Franklin


John Adams


Thomas Jefferson


Last but not least, George Washington.



Going To Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Today

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009


Today I am going into Philadelphia with Louise and Carole today. I’ll be bringing my camera and hope to have lots of nice photos to show you. Time to get ready. We can visit again tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it.


Monday, November 16th, 2009

Saturday turned out to be a fun day. A friend of mine invited me to go to an antique show with her and her friend. It was the Elverson show at the Twin Valley High School in Elverson, illness PA. It was a beautiful day and the ride along the country roads are always so relaxing.


It always amazes me how much untouched land there is, and I love looking at all the old farms. I just happened to catch this woman as she rode down her driveway, little did she know that I was taking her picture.


It felt like Summer today, but the pumpkins are a reminder that it’s Fall and soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.


The antique show was pretty wonderful and I made a couple of purchases there, but it was the antique shop that we visited afterwards where I found some wonderful things for you. A early child’s cupboard with old red paint and original drawer pulls.


A wonderful pair of brown Amish knitted socks, perfect hung on a peg rack, I also have a pair of child’s early white socks. These look so cute when stuffed with fabric to give it the look that Santa has arrived and filled then with surprises. Filled with greens, a small toy or candy canes, hung on a mantle or door gives a sweet festive look.


I also bought the lid from an early dough box. The original red paint is gorgeous and has just the right patina. Perfect for use as a tablescape on the middle of a dining table, decorated with greens and candles for the holiday season. Here I am showing it with early brush trees and Santas.



All of these goodies are available in my store, so if you see something you like, come on over.
HAPPY DAY EVERYONE, and thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll try to blog more often.

The Covered Bridge

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


On Monday I took my mother out to lunch and a ride through the countryside. Much to our surprise we came upon a covered bridge. I went back yesterday with my camera and took some photos. It was such a wonderful site, order I thought I would share it with you. The drive is a beautiful one. It’s a narrow and winding road, cialis so I had to take all my shots from my car. Yikes!


The Brandywine River runs along this road. The leaves have mostly all fallen. I wish I was able to take photos before they did.


As you go around the bend, nurse it’s hard to miss this big red covered bridge.


Most covered bridges in this country were built in the early 19th century, but sadly few survived. It is said that young lovers would steal away inside them for a smooch, and that’s why they became known as “kissing bridges”.


It is not really known why these bridges were covered, but most agree that it was probably to extend the life of the bridge, and to cut back on maintenance. Delaware has only two covered bridges left and I’m glad that this one is so close to where I live. I have not seen the other one.

I added a couple more photos that I took on the way home. I love this little old stone house. It’s currently being restored.