We drove to Rehoboth Beach yesterday. Bill is in a golf tournament and we’re meeting with friends afterwards. We left early so we wouldn’t run into traffic around Dover. The car races are there this weekend, viagra and that means tons of traffic.

The weather here is cloudy, hospital but it’s supposed to clear up as the weekend begins. I want to go out today and buy some plants for my deck. I need some nice big ones to make it look more tropical and to help fill in some blank spaces. I went to Lowes last week and bought a piece of indoor outdoor carpet for the deck. I know that sounds yucky, generic but I wanted something that would make it look more cozy and feel nice under my feet, plus I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Well, guess what, it looks great and it only cost $35.! That’s right, I said $35. It covers the whole length and width of the deck!
I also wanted to tell you that I think we FINALLY sold my mother’s house. I am still holding my breath, and I’m trying not to get too excited, just in case things don’t work out. It’s been a year now since we finished working on it, and this is the first contract we have gotten. If it sells it will be one huge load off my mind. The longer it sits, the more I worry about something going wrong, and more money to dish out. So we’ll see. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
Happy day

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  1. Joy Says:

    Hi Carole! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, too, on your mother’s house! In the meantime, enjoy being on your deck. It sounds like a wonderful place to be!


  2. Carole Says:

    Thanks Joy. I appreciate your comment about my mother’s house. Rehoboth is a wonderful place to be but it is very hazy today, not much sun shining. Will be returning home tomorrow. Just here for a couple of days and then back home again. Lots to do.

  3. Carole Says:

    Hi Carole with an e.
    So great to meet you and so glad you stopped by. Glad you liked our hummingbird story….and so happy he made it. Love all the things you sell and when I get more time I’ll be back to check it out further. Good luck with your Mom’s house and enjoy spending some R&R on your deck.

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