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Dementia, Medications, and Doctors

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

If you have been reading my blog for a while, nurse you know my mother was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. Her doctor wanted to put her on a medication called Aricept. I was not thrilled about the idea, try but the doctor and my brother felt very strongly about it, cialis so I agreed. In the last couple of months, my mother seemed to be getting worse. Her personality was changing. She was becoming irritable and bossy. About a month ago, as we were taking a drive, she asked me who I was. I know I mentioned this on another post, but I mention it again, because that question really got my attention and got me to thinking. I was also told that she was not eating and had lost 8 pounds in one month. I took her to the doctor. First thing they wanted to do was give her another medicine, in addition to the one she was already taking for her dementia. She told me that she could be depressed and wanted to prescribe something for depression. I was asking a lot of questions, and it was obvious to me that she did not appreciate it. I tried to explain that she told me she doesn’t like the food. She ignored what I said, and ordered some tests, even planted the seed that she could have cancer! Heaven forbid we should use any common sense, or worse, listen to me!! There is a lot more I could tell you, but the bottom line is this, after I got home and thought about the doctor visit, I asked that she be taken off the Aricept AND the new medication that she prescribed. I told her that I did not think she needed any drug for depression. There was an article in my local paper last month. The title was, “For dementia, an uncomfortable reliance on drugs.” In a nutshell it talks about how the effects these drugs, and that they may be only marginally more effective than garlic was, against the Black Death in the 14th century. It also asks the question, why not admit the failure of the drug and spend some of those billions of dollars on more staff to hold the hands of patients and their families. It’s been about 3 weeks that my mother has not taken anything for her dementia. What a change I can see! She is smiling again. She makes conversation without me having to ask her questions to get her to talk. Look at her. She looks happy again. This picture was taken on Easter and she is still looking this good!


She was at my house for 6 hours the other day! She watched me garden, saying how she wished she could help me. We made dinner together. She peeled the potatoes, cooked them, mashed them. She made the cheese sauce for the broccoli. It’s wonderful to see her smile again.
Happy day


Friday, April 10th, 2009



Antiquing Again

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


I drove up to Adamstown last week. It was a beautiful day and I hit the PA. turnpike. It’s not the scenic route but it’s the quickest way to get there. It took an hour and I was anxious to get shopping. I was disappointed to see that one of my favorite shops had closed. My next stop was Adams Antiques. It used to be a place where I would always find something wonderful, cialis but that was years ago. I stopped, cialis you never know what you might find. Today I didn’t find anything.


Back in the car I go to my next favorite stop. Yay, I found something. This was a must have, don’t you think? Initials and 1859! Love it! My next stop was really good. I bought a few very nice early choppers, a wonderful early rye basket, maybe 18th century. Love this old hand made mirror too.





I thought these hand carved spoons looked so nice along side of the nasturtiums, and I wanted to share them with you. I found some early bottles too, with that gorgeous bubbly glass that is so beautiful.




As you can see, I found lots of treasures for Carole’s Country Store and they will be available soon. I felt good about that, and headed back home. It was a good day.