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Monday, March 30th, 2009


A friend of mine went antiquing last weekend and found this wonderful early doll cradle with the best ever blue paint! It’s got the best shape too. It’s not long and narrow like so many are, sale but more chunky in it’s shape. It has lots of square nails too, buy cialis big ones. It measures about 13 inches long and 10 inches wide and will be for sale in my store either today or tomorrow. The little dolls were made by doll artist Teresa Carr, who in my opinion, makes the best ever reproduction primitive style dolls I have ever seen. The one on the left will be for sale in my store. She’s darling and made with all early fabrics, rag stuffed just like the real early dolls. She also made the little boy doll that just sold in my store. I am also opening a “Book Store”, where I will be selling used books, but most are like new.


Many of them I am familiar with and love, and I thought this would be a way of sharing them with you. Especially with Summer on it’s way, it’s always fun reading and looking at books. One of my favorites is a book called The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden. I have this book and have given it as a gift. It’s just the loveliest book, full of Edith’s beautiful drawings of things in nature and beautiful poems. The pages have antiqued look. It’s just so beautiful. So come on over to my store and take a look. I’ll have more new things for later today or tomorrow.



Happy day

Friday, March 27th, 2009


Again I want to say thank you to all that left comments about my mother. Every time I write about her so many of you write me and leave comments, pharmacy and again, stuff I want to say how much they are appreciated.

Last weekend I went to 2 antique shows in Chester County, PA., the Kimberton and Elverson shows. Years ago my girlfriends and I wouldn’t miss these shows for anything, but over the years we stopped going, not sure why. So at the last minute I decided to go and I am so glad I did. Both of the shows were wonderful! Lots of primitives, my favorites. I took some pictures, but they aren’t the best I’ve taken. When you’re so excited to look around, it makes it hard to get good shots, besides it was crowded and I didn’t want to get in the way of the lookers. I thought this trencher bowl was wonderful and you know how I love stone fruit!


She had a couple of cases with lots of interesting things. I don’t blame dealers for doing this, putting them under glass drives me crazy. I want to touch!


There was one dealer that was my favorite. She had a lot of really neat things. I feel bad because I told her I would be showing her booth on my blog, and now I lost her card, so I can’t mention who she was. If she is reading this, I apologize.


Bought a rye basket too. Love it!


It’s getting late and I need to get dressed and start my day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Happy day

A New Face for Early Attic

Friday, March 20th, 2009

I’ll be going home to Wilmington today. It was a busy and fun week working in my friend’s shop. We got a lot accomplished and it turned out really nice. There is still a lot more to do, physician but this will give you an idea of what I have been up to. Remember I showed you this photo of what it looked like BEFORE we started?


This is how it looks now. We painted some of the walls a cocoa brown with creamy white woodwork. The white cupboard with all the ironstone pitchers, health is now painted a robins egg blue. I think it made a nice difference and really shows off the ironstone pitchers.



Here you can get an idea of how much stuff we had to move around and organize. These are a couple of the back rooms of her shop.


Finding just the right things to create little vignettes is something I really enjoy doing and there sure was a lot to choose from!


I found a few things that aren’t really cottagey, so I grouped them together and put them on the top of an old cupboard.

So that’s some of what we did. Oh, it wasn’t all work. One day we went antiquing and we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner out every day, Janet’s treat! That was really nice. It’s almost 11 o’clock now. I better get packing and ready for my drive home. There is a shop I would like to stop at on the way. Maybe I’ll find something for my store.

Happy First Day of Spring

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009


Missy came for an overnight on Sunday, physician and after taking her home late after on Monday, I headed down to Rehoboth to help my friend, Janet redo her antique shop. I’m not that crazy about driving that time of the day. My eyes get tired and I can’t see that clearly. I think I need to get glasses for driving. I stopped at a little shop along the way. It was almost closing time, but I had a few minutes to look around. I fell in love with this wonderful early basket. It had old blue paint, and just the right patina. I would have loved to have bought it but it was a bit pricey, so I had to settle for a photo.
Yesterday, Janet finished the painting while I started decorating the room. We worked for over 5-1/2 hours, and by the end of the day, my bruised tailbone, from my fall on the ice a few weeks ago, was hurting, not to mention my muscles! It’s for sure getting away from this computer and doing some physical work, is something I need to do. This is a before photo I took last week as we were moving things out of the way to make room for painting. We got lots done, but there still a lot to do.


I’ll take pictures today, and tomorrow I’ll show you what we did. Better get going!
Happy day

Friday, March 13th, 2009



I’ve been a little worried about my mother lately. Whenever I visit her now, prescription she seems so desperate to go out. She tells me how she doesn’t like it there and the food tastes terrible. I stopped by to visit and bring her some flowers the other day, sales but all she wanted to do was go out for a ride. I had other plans and couldn’t take her this time. I tried to explain but she wouldn’t hear of it. Finally, all I could do was tell her I would be back, kiss her goodbye and leave. It broke my heart, but I had not choice. I went back yesterday, and took her out for a hot fudge sunday. She enjoyed it so much. Afterwards I took her home with me and along the way she asked me who I was. “Are you my sister? My mother? My aunt?” When we got to my house, we spent the whole day talking about family and when she lived in Honey Brook. I showed her the Amish doll I bought for the store. I knew she would like seeing it. She talked about when she made dolls and how my father would help her stuff them. “He would stuff them so hard”, she said. I went upstairs and brought down these three dolls and took this photo. The one in the middle is the first doll she made in 1984. Later we did some cooking together, but she wasn’t able to stand very long so she sat down and watched me. Afterwards I gave her a manicure. It was a good day and one that I will always remember. On the way home she asked, “how old am I?” “Ninety”, I said. “oh, no, that can’t be. How old are you?”


I’ll be going back today. I’ll be taking her to her doctor’s appointment. I know she’ll be anxiously awaiting, but second thought she might not remember at all. Think Spring! These little baby rabbits were in my garden a couple of years ago. Maybe this year I’ll have more.

Monday, March 9th, 2009

Well, health after me reminding you not to forget to set your clocks ahead, viagra guess who forgot? Me. This weekend I was in Rehoboth. It was great to throw open the door to my little condo, I was ready. It was so warm this weekend, and the town was packed with people as though it was already summer.


While I was there I helped a friend redo her shop. Janet owns Early Attic, a wonderful little shop at the beach, where you will find lots of cottegy furniture and everything you need to go with it. She wanted to give her shop a new look for her opening this May, and asked me if I could help her with some ideas. Anything to do with decorating idea, I’m ready!! I thought trying some new paint colors, was a good start, and she agreed. Rich cocoa brown on the walls, white woodwork with a large display piece painted in two shades of robin’s egg blue. I think it’s going to look really nice and give the shop a fresh new look, and all of the vintage white wicker will really pop. After a few hours of painting we were ready to hang up our brushes and go antiquing, so we drove to Georgetown, DE. I found a few things for my store, and I wanted to show you this doll. She is an Amish doll, possibly made by a mother for her daughter. It’s hard to say how old she is, maybe 40′s or 50′s, maybe earlier.


As I was photographing her for my store this morning, I noticed a face. How could I have missed it?


It looks as though it was drawn on and then washed off. It looks as though a child drew it. The Amish do not like faces on dolls, and they do not like to be photographed either, most anyway, some do not mind. It has to do with the second commandment, and no graven images. It’s ironic that they are the most photographed people in America.



Her bonnet is sweet, made just like the bonnets the children wear, with the black ribbon handsewn on the back. She wears little knitted socks, typically Amish, as are her clothes.


Her joints are attached with buttons, so typical of Amish dolls, and she is signed on the back with ink, real ink, not a ballpoint pen. I will have her for sale in my store soon, so if you have any interest just let me know. Time for me to get back to work.
Happy day

Spring Forward

Saturday, March 7th, 2009


Just a reminder that you set your clocks forward before you go to bed Sunday night.



Friday, March 6th, 2009


I can not believe it’s getting so late. 11 0′clock!! I am still sitting here in my robe and second cup of coffee. I am going to try and get out today. Maybe antique a bit and visit my mother. Lately it’s been difficult finding the time. My days are so busy, medical sometimes I don’t get to visit her until the end of the day, and by then, it’s almost time for her to have dinner. She always asks if we are going out. If I remind her that it’s time for dinner, she says, “oh I don’t care about that, just take me for a little ride. Ten minutes. Please, Carole”. I wish I could take her somewhere, but it’s too hard for her to walk, so all I can do is drive her around. She enjoys that, and I feel good knowing that it makes her happy. I wanted to show you the little shoes I bought for my store the other day. Red ones are so collectable because you just don’t see them very often. I have several pairs of these early high button shoes. They look so cute all lined up on top of my blanket chest, but these red ones are in perfect condition. They will be in the store soon, if you have any interest. I just thought you might like to see them. They’re only about 4-1/2 inches long. Just too cute!! Gotta run.


I almost forgot to show you this picture. These are Louise’s kitties sitting on her porch rocker. She said they sit together like this every day. Isn’t that just tooooo cute!

Happy day

Tramp Art- Authentic Americana

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009


Are you familiar with tramp art? I recently purchased this box. I love the old blue, cialis the wear, sovaldi and it has the most wonderful patina. The inside is painted a pale yellow and there is a piece of wire on the inside of the lid. I’m not sure what purpose it served. There are tiny holes on the very top pyramid, as thought something else was attached. I have heard about tramp art for many years, but I was never drawn to it. Many pieces are dark and very intricate, not something I am usually drawn too. This box changed my mind, and now it has become one of my favorite things. It has also peaked my interest and I would love to buy more.


Tramp art is considered a type of folk art. It was primarily made during the end of the 19th century, through to the 1930′s. It used to be thought that it was made by tramps or hobos, in exchange for food and lodging, but I have read that is not true, at least they don’t think so. There is not a lot written about it because during this time period, it was so commonplace, that no one really thought much about it, which is so true with many cherished and collectable pieces of folk art today. Cigar smoking was very popular during this time period, and cigar boxes were readily available, and for free. Fruit crates were also commonly used for this art. My box was made out of an old cigar box.


Thin pieces of wood, carefully shaped, notched and layered to create unique shapes. No two are alike. Cedar cigar box wood was soft enough to cut and carve. Shaping straight-edged squares, rectangles, and triangles were done with the tools they had available-a pocket knife or a razor. This box is so perfectly done, that it’s impossible to see where the lid opens or even the separation of the layers. It just fascinates me. Each notch looks a little different, and I love studying each one, and thinking of the person who sat carving it. So now I have another addiction, tramp art painted boxes.
If you have any interest, who knows, there might be one available in my store, that is, if I can part with one.


Monday, March 2nd, 2009


I woke up this morning to a snowstorm. We have not seen one like this in a few years. Last year we didn’t get any snow at all, illness well maybe a flake or two. As I was looking out the window this morning, I thought about all those snowflakes, and that no two are the same. I don’t know how they know that, but there are people that actually study and photograph snowflakes. Here are a few interesting facts about them:

Every snowflake has its own unique shape and is different than all other snowflakes.


All snowflakes have six sides, and guess what, all snowflakes are not always white. I have read, that years ago, when coal was used in factories and homes, snow was often gray, because the coal dust entered the air and was absorbed by the clouds.


In Prince Edward Island, Canada, where the soil is red clay, snowflakes often look PINK, and the reason this happens is because the dust from the red clay is blown into the air and absorbed by the clouds. Can you imagine how beautiful that would be to have a pink snowstorm!


Yesterday I was in the supermarket. It was so crowded. Did you know that people buy more cakes and cookies when a snowstorm is predicted. I know I do. I enjoy making soup. Yesterday evening I made a big pot of tuscan bean soup, and today I’m going to make homemade oatmeal raisin cookies.

alt='110920061215348133.jpg' />

The snow capital of the United States is Stampede Pass in Washington state where on average 439 inches of snow fall, and billions of snowflakes fall during one short snowstorm. That’s mindboggling!
I hope you enjoyed the photos and the snowflake facts. I thought the photos were beautiful and I just had to share them, and what better time to do that, then during a snowstorm.