Early Start



I got up early Sunday morning. Today I planned to go antiquing for Carole’s Country Store. Before I got ready to go, ailment I went outside to get the newspaper. The sun looked so gorgeous, the way it’s light streamed through the trees, and onto the front yard. I went back into the house to get my camera. I wanted to hurry up and read the paper, so I could hurry out to see what I could find. This election is driving me crazy. I can’t wait until it’s over! Ok, paper done, off I went. I headed to some of my favorite places, hoping it would be worth the trip, and the gas, taking pictures along the way.


This barn, with it’s tobacco drying, and the cart of pumpkins and gourds, was such a beautiful sight. Driving the back roads, taking in all that there was to see, it was hard for me not to stop several times along the way, to capture it all with my camera.


I finally managed to get to several antique shops, and I found a few really neat things for Carole’s Country Store. I love this butter crock. It’s a big early one. I think it would look great on a shelf in a country kitchen, for storing onions, potatoes, or just sitting on the counter, filled with red Fall apples.


On my next stop, found a gorgeous yellowware bowl. A nice big one, with that deep yellow color. I love the orange and white stripes. I was really feeling good by now, after finding 2 wonderful pieces. Now I couldn’t wait for my next stop.


After a few hours of hunting, it was time to head home, but I thought I would make one more stop first. I’m glad I did. Found a few more goodies. For my customers that love the cottage look, I found a vintage hat stand. I know many of you collect old textiles, bonnets being one of them. Every time I see a hat stand, it is never for sale, but this one was! Bought it!


I found a few other things too, and had a very successful day. Now I was ready to head home. It was getting much colder and I wanted to get back in time to make some winter minestrone soup for dinner. I love doing this, and I love finding things that bring joy to my customers. I should mention how much I appreciate all of you that send such nice emails, telling me howmuch you love your antique. That makes me very happy. Don’t forget to stop by the store. You might find something that will be just perfect for your home. It’s time to start nesting, and what is more fun than find a new treasure, for just that perfect spot, but if you are like me, you’ll find a spot for anything that you love.
Happy day everyone!

4 Responses to “Early Start”

  1. Christine LeFever Says:

    Wow, Carole, you had a fun day! Your photographic skills never cease to amaze me.
    Hey, I only corrected your spelling because you asked! It sounds as though your finger is feeling a lot better.

    Keep up the good work!



  2. Carole Says:

    Thank you Christine. Sure, I understand why you said that, I asked.
    Take care.

  3. Rachael Says:

    Oh Carole the Morning Pictures are my favorite~ like God himself is shining down on you…just breathtaking! Like you, I am SO SICK of all the polotics on the news and in the news, and am sick of the blasted ‘polls’ calling me every hour of the day wanting to know WHO we are voting for…..ENOUGH allready! I cant wait till it over.
    Our gas is down to 2.51 a gallon here~ woo HOO! I hear the housing market is cheering up a bit too~ am sending all my good vibrations your way for Mum’s house to sell sell sell!

  4. Jeannene Says:

    Love the first two pictures…GORGEOUS SUN SHINING THROUGH!!
    Happy Fall/Halloween, XOOX~Jeannene

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