I Yesterday, hospital I pulled myself away from this computer and did some cleaning up of my gardens. Finally pulled the tomato plants out, here raked everything out. If I have the time today, cialis I am going to plant some of the garlic that Christine Crocker sent me from her Deerfield Farm. I especially want to plant her Deerfield Opal. She sent me the planting instructions. If you enjoy garlic, it’s healthy you know, give it a try. Easy, easy.


Fall is my favorite time of the year. The nesting instinct sets in, and I want to make everything just right, and start cozying up for the cool weather, and the onset of Winter. Oh, I know it’s too early to mention Winter, but it will be here before we know it. So right now, I am going to enjoy this gorgeous weather and make the most of it.


I need another cup of coffee, a little breakfast, and then I have to get dressed. Bill and I have a full day planned. Missy bowls at 1 o’clock, and we want to be there for her. Before we go though, we are going to go to an open house in Newark, DE. We’ll be looking at some condos. Just curious. We talk a lot about downsizing but I really don’t think we’re ready just yet. We want to check these out anyway. I’ll bring my camera, and if I think it’s worth talking about, I’ll write about them tomorrow. In the meantime, have a great day, and get out there in this gorgeous weather, and always have a -
Happy day

2 Responses to “Fall”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Hi Carole!
    Just got our internet service fixed, AGAIN, and had to come see what you are up to! Fall set in over night here in Colroado as well~ and the mountains we see from our porch got S*N*O*W* last night! Fall is my favoritest time too~ seems like it lasts way too short these days~ we go from 90 and summer, to snowing and winter in just a few weeks. I L*O*V*E* dollys you put in the store yesterday~ L*O*V*E* L*O*V*E* them!
    I cannot imagine you & Bill in a condo…well……….do they make 18th century inspired condos??? THAT would be PERFECT!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Debbie Says:

    Fall is my favorite time of year also. I love the colors, the crisp air, the crunchy leaves, and the nesting feeling one gets.

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